My first blogpost! ♥


My name is Anne. I’m a 17 year old girl from The Netherlands, as you can read in my username. I am addicted to beauty and make-up and I love to write and read about it.

I’m a smalltowngirl who loves to be in a big city. That’s why I go shopping very often in big cities in Holland and Germany! When I go shopping, I ALWAYS buy makeup and beauty goodies. (as I told you, I’m addicted ☺)

I would like to tell you a lot more about my opinion on makeup, beauty and fashion. I will write reviews, tutorials, hauls and more on this blog.

As you probably can tell, my English isn’t perfect. So I hope you don’t mind. You can always correct me if you want! ☺

I will post a new article when I have inspiration. That can be different every week. So don’t forget to take a look every now and then on my blog!

I hope to see you soon!

Love, Anne ♥


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