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    Hi, I am still a little bit new here so I would like to inform you how you can contact me.   My instagram is: @beautybyadutchgirl My e-mail is:   You can write me in English or in Dutch (hi I’m from the Netherlands!!) Have you seen my My first blogpost! ♥? You can… Read More Contact me!! ♥


Beauty Wishlist Fall 2016 ♥

       Hi y’all!! I would like to share my beauty wishlist with you today! There is a new season comming what also means that a lot of brands are comming with new products. And I am ofcourse super curious for some of these products! 🙂

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Side to Side

Oh my God guys, I am OBSESSED with the new music video from Side to Side by Ariana Grande (ft. Nicki Minaj)! She is totally amazing and fabulous and her make-up, hair and everything else is on point! I also really really like the song itself! I think I am starting to become a Arianator!