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My most-liked instagram posts!

Insta 01.png

Hi everyone!

I would like to show you my most-liked pictures on instagram today. I have this instagram-account for over a year now and it is always fun to look back at my old pictures!

10. 135 likes, 

Insta 02.png

This is a picture of Catrice nailpolish stash. I really really like the nailpolishes from Catrice. The colours are pretty and the quality is nice!

9. 147 likes

insta 03.png

This is one of the first pictures where I really took the time to make it look pretty. I am still really happy with this picture because I think it all fits together.

8. 149 likes

Insta 04.png

I love the nailpolish I’m wearing in this picture but I hate the picture itself. It is such a blurry picture!

7. 153 likes

Insta 05.png

Wow, I love this picture. I made this picture for one of my first blogposts on my other (Dutch) blog! These were my favorite eyeproducts at that time!

6. 164 likes

Insta 06.png

This is the first MAC lipstick my sister bought. I really love this picture.

5. 167 likes

Insta 07.png

I’m not a big fan of this picture. I was making more ‘make-up of the day’ pictures at that time. Some of them are really pretty and some of them are not in my opinion. And I think this is not a nice one.

4. 179 likes

Insta 08.png

I love this picture but it isn’t mine. The Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills just came out and it was an huge trend. I also love(d) them!

3. 188 likes

Insta 09.png

This is one of the ‘Make-up of the day’ pictures that I really really like. These are still my favorite products to use!

2. 190 likes

Insta 01

I am not only happy with this picture, I’m also happy with what is on the picture. This was my make-up stash from 6 months ago. I made this picture when I just got this organizer and I’m still SUPER HAPPY with this organizer. ♥

1. 256 likes

Insta 10.png

Last but, of course, not least my most-liked picture on instagram! I posted this picture 32 weeks ago and it already got 256 likes! (:o) This was my eyeshadow make-up stash at that moment. I am super happy with this picture and with this stash. My stash is at the moment a little bigger so maybe I should make a new picture?

My instagram is @beautybyadutchgirl so make sure you follow me for pictures of my make-up and new updates about my blog and life.

xoxo, Anne ♥

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