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Side to Side

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Oh my God guys, I am OBSESSED with the new music video from Side to Side by Ariana Grande (ft. Nicki Minaj)! She is totally amazing and fabulous and her make-up, hair and everything else is on point! I also really really like the song itself! I think I am starting to become a Arianator!

Since I think Ariana’s make-up, hair and outfit(s) are FLAWLESS, I’ve been starting to search for tutorials inspired by this music video. These are my favourites!

By Shaaanxo

By Crystal Conte (BUDGETPROOF)

By LucyAndLydia

I am totally in love with all of these looks! I can’t wait to try them all out. ♥

Have you also seen the live MTV VMA performance from Ariana and Nicki? That one is just      THE BEST!! ♥

Love, Anne ♥

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