Make-up product of the week!♥ #1

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Hi guys!

This will be my first ‘Make-up product of the week!’ post!! I’m so excited!! You too? Continue reading quickly!!

If you don’t know that this new concept is, check out this blogpost!!

So the first Make-up product of the week! is: the ‘wet n wild Comfort Zone’ palette!

I am soooooo in love with this palette. I think I already have this palette for 5 years or something? Maybe longer.. I think the colors are really dark that’s why I haven’t used this much. Since I know how to use these colors I can not wait to play with this palette! I think these colors are beautiful for fall. ♥

MOTW 1.2.png

This is the palette (it looks so dirty omg!!). You can see on the left side warm-toned colors and on the right side cool-toned colors. I prefer the warm-toned colors because I think they compliment my eyes and face better.

MOTW 1.3.png

I gave the colors number so I can explain them a little bit easier.

1 – Warm-toned yellow/gold with golden glitters

2 – Warm-toned orange/gold/copper with golden glitters

3 -Warm-toned dark copper with golden glitters

4 – Warm-toned purple/brown with golden and purple glitters

5 – Cool-toned grey with silver glitters

6 – Cool-toned green with silver and gold glitters

7 – Cool-toned almost black with silver and gold glitters

8 – This is a cream color. Cool – toned purple/black with green glitters

I think the colors are all very unique. I don’t have any colors similar to these ones. I like number 1, 2, 3 and 8 the most.

I’ll show you a make-up look with this palette later this week. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Anne ♥


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