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Halloween Lip Art

Hi guys! I was bored last night so I decided to make a Halloween Lip Art on my lips. I made a ‘Jack O’Lantern’ pumpkin on my lips and I think it actually came out really well. If you’re curious how I made this, keep on reading!! ♥


Netflix Tip ♥ #1

Hi guys. I´ve been watching Netflix a lot lately. It´s getting cold outside and it´s raining a lot here in The Netherlands. So I rather be sitting inside and watching Netflix than going outside. I´d like to share my favorite Netflix series, today!


Scented Candles

Hi loves! I love these days when it is getting colder and when it is getting darker. I can wear warmer clothes and I can drink tea 24/7 without having it really really hot. I dislike the upcoming exams where I have to study for, a lot.. I am spending a LOT of time at… Read More Scented Candles


Review: SEPHORA IT Palette Nude ♥

♥ Hi girls! For my birthday I got the SEPHORA IT Palette Nude from my sister. I already played a bit with this palette and found out that some colors are really amazing. So if you want to find out more of this palette, keep on reading!! ♥


Make-up product of the week! ♥ #2

Hi guys! Today will be the second blogpost of my ‘Make-up product of the week!’ series. In this series I’ll be showing you a product I’ll be using for the whole week. Are you curious about the product I’ll be using this week? Continue reading quickly!!