Life Update

Life Update: Busy, busy, busy…..

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Hi guys!!

I just wanted to give you an update about my life since I didn’t post much last week on my blog. So if you’re curious, just keep on reading! 

I just started my new, first study. I am studying business economics and it is a really hard study but I like it! I have to travel for 4,5 hours everyday because my school is so far away. I also have really long days at school so that means that I don’t have much free time to do other things than studying. That means I really, really need to plan the stuff on my blog.

I am trying my best to do this but sometimes I am so busy that I just can’t post anything on my blog. I love blogging but I think school goes on the first place! My future is super important to me and it starts with have a good education.

So I hope you will understand it and I will still see you on my blog!

Love, Anne ♥

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