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18: What now? #lifeupdate2

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 18 years

Wednesday was my birthday and I turned 18 years! That means that I am an adult now, or at least in The Netherlands. I can do whatever I want, like drinking alcohol, buying sigarettes, going to adult-movies, driving cars and sleeping in hotels all by myself. So what have I been doing the past few days as an adult?

As I said, I turned 18 last Wednesday. I had a great day. My family gave me some amazing presents and even my friends at school paid me a Starbucks coffee for my birthday. (Starbucks is really expensive here in NL)

I go to school in a city that is almost 1,5 hours away from my hometown by car. (2,5 hours by train & bus) So my parents promised my I could use their car to go to school on my birthday. It was literally amazing. I got my driving license more than a half year ago and I could only drive if one of my parents where sitting next to me. On my 18th birthday, I could drive on my own. I have to say, it was a little boring at first but I really really liked it. I could choose what radio station I wanted to listen to and I could sing to all the songs on my own!


I got a car from my sweet sweet sweet parents so I could go wherever I wanted these last few days. I had a dinner with my class last Thursday in the city where I go to school. I could drive with my own car to that city and I had the most amazing time. Because I thought it would be late, I went to a hotel in the city. YES I went to a hotel (it was really cheap lol but it was so nice)



It just feels amazing to be an adult. As a child I always waited for this time to come and to be an adult. Finally I can say that I’M AN ADULT!

Would you like me to show you the presents I got?

Love, Anne ♥


14 thoughts on “18: What now? #lifeupdate2

  1. Happy 😊 18th birthday 🎉 please enjoy the perks that comes with the age..
    Now please make the right choices.. and please be extra careful driving..
    you are going to be one beautiful adult..
    Enjoy 😊

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