Make-up product of the week! ♥ #2

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Hi guys!

Today will be the second blogpost of my ‘Make-up product of the week!’ series. In this series I’ll be showing you a product I’ll be using for the whole week. Are you curious about the product I’ll be using this week? Continue reading quickly!! 

If you’re curious for the first ‘Make-up product of the week!’, check this link to the blogpost about that!

The second ‘Make-up product of the week!’, it are actually 3 products, are the following autumn lip colors! They are 03 BFF by essence, Speak Louder by MAC and 09 Soft Matt Lipbalm by HEMA (a Dutch brand).

These are all dark colors and all very different. I will be using them seperate and I’ll be showing which one I’m wearing everyday on my instagram.

Here are some pictures of these lipcolors!!

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03 BFF (essence), Speak Louder (MAC) and 09 Soft Matt Lipbalm (HEMA)


03 BFF (essence)


Speak Louder (MAC)


09 Soft Matt Lipbalm (Hema)

Definitely check out my instagram to see which lipcolors I’m wearing this week.

Have a nice week!

Love, Anne ♥

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