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Hi girls!

For my birthday I got the SEPHORA IT Palette Nude from my sister. I already played a bit with this palette and found out that some colors are really amazing. So if you want to find out more of this palette, keep on reading!!

As I told you, I got this palette from my sister for my birthday. She bought it at Sephora in Rome for me. I’m so thankful that she bought this for me because she knows how much I love makeup!!

I’ll start with a picture of the packaging of this palette. It is so stunning!

This is just so pretty. WAUW, I could only buy this for the packaging of this palette!

Okay, now the inside!

Look at these stunning colors. As you can see, I already used it because I couldn’t wait to play with this palette. It has also a mirror inside (you can see that on the very first picture). Unfortunately, the colors don’t have names so I’ll be numbering them below the pictures of the swatches.

The swatches:


7-8-9-10-11-12-13 (eyepencil)

I have to say, not all colors have a great pigmentation. I love the colors 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 the most. As you can see, the ‘glittery’ colors have a better pigmentation than the ‘matte’ colors.

The palette also comes with a brush and a brown eyepencil. I don’t think I will use the brush but the eyepencil is amazing. I also used it in one of the looks you will see down under.

BTW, my lashes where terribly ugly when I made these pictures. 🙁


Used number 7 as a base color and number 2 as the eyelid color. I used number 11 in the crease and number 1 as the inner corner highlight. On the first picture I used the brown eyepencil to line my eyes.


I used number 7 as a base color and number 1 as the inner corner highlight. I used number 3 on my eyelid and number 5 in the crease.

I think Sephora could improve this palette by putting some warm toned matte colors in this palette. I really really like the shimmery colors in this palette, but I don’t like the matte colors. I would recommend this palette if you really love shimmery colors.

What do you think of this palette?

Love, Anne ♥

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