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Hi loves!

I love these days when it is getting colder and when it is getting darker. I can wear warmer clothes and I can drink tea 24/7 without having it really really hot. I dislike the upcoming exams where I have to study for, a lot.. I am spending a LOT of time at my room and I love it when it smells nice. So that’s why I bought a couple of scented candles yesterday!I went to a kind of EuroShop, so everything was super cheap. I went to a little city in Germany with my mom and we had a great time shopping overthere!

The stores in Germany are always super early with the Christmas – stuff, so I went looking at that department for scented candles. This is what I bought.

   Blog 09.png

This is my favorite I think. It’s called ‘CHRISTMAS DAY’

I don’t have the packaging of this candle anymore but I remember this scent was something with spices. It is a really lovely scent for Christmas!

Ohh, I love this one. This has the scent from baked apples ♥

OMG, this package is also amazing! These candles are having a Apple/Cinnamon scent. ♥

What is your favorite scent a candle can have?

Love, Anne ♥

14 thoughts on “Scented Candles

  1. How awesome! I love scented candles. They can be so nurturing.
    I tend to like warm scents, like patchouli, or pumpkin, or cinnamon. Also herb-like smells like thyme.
    Thanks for this post – sweet!

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