Top 5 Favorite Blind Auditions

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the voice of holland 2016


Hi guys!

The Voice of Holland has started two weeks ago and I have already seen SO MUCH good blind auditions. It’s one of my favorite programs on tv at the moment, because the talents can all so SO good!!! Well if you’re curious what my top 5 favorite blind auditions are, than keep on reading! 

So as I told you, it has started 2 weeks ago so there only have been 2 episodes. I saw already such great auditions that I really have to show you!

5. Sheela – Dirty Diana

This is one of my alltime favorite songs (MJ fan!!) and I know how hard it is to sing. I like her voice and I think she did a really great job with this song!

4. Stephan Bouwman – Let It Go

Stephan is a dj at my favorite radiostation so I heard him singing before. My God, he has such a beautiful voice. I can’t wait for his next performances!!

3. Kirsten – Seven Nation Army

I love her sound, wow!! I’m not into this song but her voice is INCREDIBLE!!

2. Dwight Dissels – End Of The Road 


1 Dilana – Roxanne

Í love this woman. AND I LOVE HER CHILD EVEN MORE. You really really need to see the next video where her daughter is singing!!! ♥

What a cutie, isn’t she?

What is your favorite blind audition (ever)?


Love, Anne ♥

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