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Winter Eyeshadowlook for light skin ♥ COLLAB with Beautybykeysh ♥

Hi y’all! Today I want to show you an eyeshadowlook I created for this winter (and autumn). I’ve been wearing this look A LOT lately so I thought it would be nice to show it to you. I also did a collab with Lakeysha, I will give more details at the end of the blogpost. Enjoy!


I’ve been really liking ‘warm toned’ eyelooks lately that’s why I experimented a lot with my eyeshadow. I think the look I will show you in this blogpost is my favorite one.  So, let’s begin!

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I started with an eyeshadow primer. I use the ‘Prime and Fine Eyshadow Base‘ by Catrice Cosmetics. I set it with an eyeshadow in my skincolor (you can also set it with a face powder). You have a good base for the actual eyeshadow now. Your look will stay on for the rest of the day!


Eyeshadow 01.png

I got a medium brown eyeshadow color (Nooner by Urban Decay, naked 3 palette) and I put it in the crease, the outer corner of my eye and on my lower lashline. You can blend this color just the way you like. I tried to do it not super high above my crease because that doesn’t look super good on me! 🙂 Just keep blending until you’re satisfied.

5Eyeshadow 02.png

I mixed a warmtoned brown color and a red color and put it in the outer corner and in the crease of my eye to define the shape of my eye and to make the look a little warmer. (Color Riot palette by NYX cosmetics) This step is also up to you. You can use as much red or as much brown as you want or you don’t do this step at all.

6Eyeshadow 03.png

I put a brown/gold/glitter eyeshadow color on my eyelid. (All About Sunrise palette by Essence) It is not a very pigmented one but that’s fine because otherwise it would be to glittery.

7Eyeshadow 04.png

I highlighted my inner corner and the part under my eyebrow with a really pretty highlighter from Sleek. (Solstice palette) It looks really bright in real but I couldn’t photograph it really nice 🙁

I drew a little winged eyeliner with a golden liquid eyeliner (urban decay). I actually wished I did it with black because it looks really really gold/glittery at the moment. But it’s not ugly so I’m fine with it. You can also give your own variation with the eyeliner. You can ad a colored eyeliner, a black eyeliner or no eyeliner at all!


THIS PICTURE IS SUPER SCARY I KNOW I’M SORRY. After a couple of coats of mascara you’re done! My eyelashes are ugly as always so it looks like I’m really tired/sad in this picture. This look looks really good in real but I’m the worst in photographing it. I hope you get an idea of how it looks like!


So this is the final look. You can add a lipstick of your own choice, I used a creamy dark red one. I don’t like really really heavy lipsticks, I prefer a heavy eyelook!

Eyeshadow 05.png

Make sure to check out Lakeysha’s blogpost. She made Winter Eyeshadowlook for dark skin so definitely check it out! I you click –here– you will go directly to her blogpost! ♥

I hope you liked it and have a nice week! 

Love, Anne ♥

12 thoughts on “Winter Eyeshadowlook for light skin ♥ COLLAB with Beautybykeysh ♥

  1. Fun collab! I’m thinking of doing one with a blogger friend so I’ve been looking for good ways of doing it! I’m so new and lost sometimes lol but yeah I love what you guys came up with! & I love the eye shadow :))

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. You should definitely do a collab, it’s so much fun! If you have ever any questions, just ask. You can also send me an e-mail if you prefer that. (go to ‘Contact me’ on my blog) ♥ Anne

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