#MakeupMusthavesChallenge Day 30


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Day 30: Makeup Stash. In the last day of this challenge you have to show your makeup stash. I am really happy with all the makeup I own because I bought all the products with a reason! I especially like the blush/bronzer/highlighter and the eyeshadow section because those are my favorite parts of my makeup routine! I always play a little with them to have a variation in my makeuplook everyday!

So that is it! The #makeupmusthaveschallenge is done! Yes, I did ‘cheat’ a little bit by not participating EVERYDAY, but I think I did a great job at the end. It was the first time for me doing a challenge like this and I actually really liked it.

I’m planning to do a Makeup Stash series on this blog in which I will be showing you every week a different section of my makeupstash. Comment below or like this blogpost if you would like to see that series on my blog!

Love, Anne β™₯

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