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Elite BrushHi y’all!

Today, I want to share my thoughts about the Elite Brush. You can straighten your hair with this brush and I wanted to try out if this really works. So if you also want to know if it works, keep on reading!

~I’m sorry again for the bad/blurry pictures. These days are really grey and dark in Holland and I don’t have really good lights so I tried to make the best pictures I could.~

So let’s start! So as I said in the intro of this blogpost, this is a straightening brush. The website from Elite Brush says; the brush is suitable and safe for all hairtypes, adjustable from 80 to 230 degrees (Celsius)  and you can save 50 to 75 per cent of the time by using this brush over a ‘normal’ straightener.


When you buy this brush, you get ofcourse the brush, a bag for the brush, two hairclips (I already lost one oops), a little brush to clean it (which I forgot in this picture) and an instruction, so you know how to use this brush.


Here is a close up from the brush. The ‘ends’ of the brush are NOT hot, so you don’t hurt yourself by brushing your hair. That means that you can touch your skin with this brush without burning your skin.

I did this review on my sister’s hair because she has curly hair and you can see the result better on her hair than on my hair!



I have to say that I’m really jealous about my sister’s hair. I love the color and the curls and it just looks so good with her face. (this is her natural haircolor)



I was told that this is the best way to straitghten your hair. When you hold the brush under your hair, your hair can really get to ‘the bottom of the brush’. That means that your hair will be straightened easier and faster.

By the way, don’t forget to use a protector in your hair before you use this brush. You have to put a hairprotector in your hair because it is not good for your hair when you’re using heat on it without protection! So don’t forget!!



I have to say that I’m actually really impressed with the result! My sister always straightens her hair with a ‘normal’ straightener and that takes FOREVER! You really do save some time when you use this brush. It is super easy but you obviously have to figure out how you can work with this brush the first time.

I bought this straightener brush at Hairworkxx.

Have you ever tried a brush like this?

Love, Anne ♥

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  1. This is a great post! so many beauty gurus have been using this brush, and I never knew if they were raving about it cause it actually worked or cause it was sponsored! Super helpful. Happy Holidays xxx

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