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Hey everybody!

I’m going to review this Eye Makeup Remover by Yves Rocher for you today. I really like the brand Yves Rocher and when I was in the store, I really wanted to buy this and try it out if it worked! So, let’s see!

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As you can see, there are two different liquids in the bottle of the remover. The blue part is a has a kind of a ‘water texture’ and the transparent part has a kind of an ‘oily texture’. Instructions: Shake before use. Apply on eyes using a cotton pad. No need to rinse.

When you put the remover on a cotton pad it gives a little bit of a blue color. It smells also really good for a remover!


I tested the remover on Christmas Eve and you have to know, I wore A LOT of eyemakeup. So the perfect opportunity to test this remover. You can see my eyemakeup on the left picture. On the right picture you see one eye after I removed the makeup with the Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover.

My thoughts: I really really like this remover. I only had to swipe 2/3 times on my eyes and a little more on my lashes and ALL the makeup is gone. My eyes aren’t irritated after using the remover and you don’t feel any annoying leftovers of the remover. I’m really happy that I bought this product because I can remove my eyemakeup really quick and without irritating my eyes!

Have a nice day!

Love, Anne ♥


12 thoughts on “Review ♥ Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover ♥

    1. I’ve been using it a lot more now and I think you’re a little right. It really does leaves a little oil on your eyelid but I don’t think it is annoying, because I have really dry eyelids. But I can understand that not everyone likes it. I didn’t had the vision-thing you experienced yet, luckily! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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