Instagram & Blogging goals for 2017 ♥

Hi guys!

A lot of you have been doing a ‘blog goals’ post and that inspired me to do something similar! In 2016, I got really into blogging. Since I started this blog, it has been growing a lot and it was even more fun to write a lot of blogposts!


I also got really active on instagram. I am a perfectionist and in my opinion, my pictures were getting better and better! You can see in the first picture of this blogpost my ‘9 most-liked pictures of 2016’ on instagram! I am really proud of a lot of them, but they were all made in the early months of 2016. I actually think my pictures were getting better in the last months of 2016 :-).

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Enough talking, let’s show my ‘2017 instagram & blogging goals’!

  1. Reach 500 followers on my blog. I’m already at 401 followers, how cool is that! It’s insane how many of you are already following me and I love to get to know a lot more of you!
  2. Post at least 2 blogposts a week. I know my life can get really busy sometime with my study, but I have so much inspiration for blogposts all the time! So I really want to make a better planning so that I can actually post at least 2 blogposts a week!
  3. Being better at making pictures. As I said in the beginning, I think my pictures starting to get better in the end of 2016, but I actually want to make them even better!
  4. Reach 1k followers on instagram. That is my dream. I’ve got to know a lot more beautylovers/beautybloggers on instagram in 2016 and I can’t wait to meet even more! I think instagram is a great social media to find more beautylovers and to make friends 🙂
  5. Post at least 1 picture a day on instagram. I know I get sometimes a little lazy with my instagram. I’m not always in the mood for making pictures and they’re not always as pretty as I want them to be. This is a little bit of a completion to my 3rd goal. When I’m getting better at making pictures, it will also be a lot more fun to post them ♥
  6. Giving more love to my followers. I always try so hard to reply to you and to follow your blog back, because I really appreciate you clicked the ‘follow-button’ on my blog. I hope I can follow a lot more cute bloggers and keep replying to all of your sweet and/or honest comments. ♥
  7. Meet more fellow bloggers/beautylovers. I think I mentioned it enough that I love to find new blogger/beauty-friends. I also want to make a goal of it because I think it’s really important and fun to get to know an other beautylover!

Ofcourse, I hope that I will reach all my 2017-goals! I also wish you the best of luck with your New Years Resolutions and Goals!

Have a great year and see you soon! 

Love, Anne ♥


17 thoughts on “Instagram & Blogging goals for 2017 ♥

  1. Great goals to work towards for the year, I’m almost certain you’ll meet if not exceed them all, you have great posts!!! I’m gonna go find ya on the gram right now to add to your list 🙂

    xo, JJ

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