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This or That ♥ TAG


Hi everyone! Today, I’d like to share the ‘this or that tag’! I have seen a lot of people doing this tag and I really liked that so I’m doing it too! ♥

I’m doing this tag in the categories; makeup, nails, body, fashion, hair and a couple of random questions. I shortened the tag a little bit because there where so many ‘questions’ and I wanted to answer some in every category! Are you as excited as I am for this tag? Let’s go!!!


  • Blush or Bronzer

Definitely bronzer! I wear bronzer everyday, even when I’m late. If I only do a base of foundation etc., my skin looks very pale!

This or that Tag 6.png

  • Lipgloss or Lipstick

Lipstick, I don’t like lipgloss because it’s always so sticky!

  • Eyeliner or Mascara

Mascara, I can’t life without mascara. I always look really tired and weird when I don’t put on mascara!

  • Foundation or Concealer

Such a hard one! I always wear both, but If I really need to go, I’d choose Concealer. I need to fix my brake-outs and the bags under my eyes!

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  • Neutral or Color Eyeshadow

Neutral, it’s boring but good!

  • Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows

Pressed eyeshadows, I always feel like it’s so hard to use loos shadows because it goes EVERYWHERE!


  • O.P.I or China Glaze

Haven’t used both of these brands yet so I don’t know!

  •  Long or Short

Long is beautiful but short is easier. I’ll choose short, because when my nails are long, they always break!

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  • Brights or Darks

Brights, it’s fun to put some ‘summer’ on your nails!


  • Perfume or Body Splash

Perfume, I love my Ariana Grande perfumes. Can’t life without them!

This or that Tag 3.png

  • Lotion or Body Butter


  • LUSH or Other Bath Company

I don’t like lush or bath companies that much. They products they sell are often so expensive while drugstores also have really great products! So I choos drugstore! 🙂


  • Jeans or Sweat pants

Jeans, I love wearing sweat pants at home but I (almost) always wear jeans when I have to go out. So, I like jeans more!


  • Long sleeve or Short

Short,  I always wear T-shirts with a short sleeve. When it’s cold, I put a jacket or a vest on the T-shirt!

  • Dresses or Skirts

Skirts! I love dressing up girly in dresses and skirts! I prefer skirts because I can style them in different ways and with different tops!

  • Scarves or Hats

SCARVES SCARVES SCARVES! I am OBSESSED! I can’t go to a store like Primark without buying at least one scarf. I wear them all the time in the fall/winter period. In the picture below I think you see 40% of the scarves I own!

This or that Tag 4.png

  • Heels or Flats

I love heels but flat shoes are so much more comfy. I am going for………. heels!


  • Curly or Straight

Curly, I love curls! I always braid my hair overnight so I have curls throughout the next day!

  • Up or down

Down, definitely. I don’t like my hair in a bun/ponytail. I like to braid it sometimes but that’s it.

  • Long or Short

Long, you can do much more with long hair like braiding and stuff! I also really like short hair on me but it’s just so fun to create braids and curls with this longer hair! I haven’t had my hair this long ever so I’m enjoying it until I decide to let it cut!

This or that Tag 5.png

  • Side sweep bangs or full bangs

Definitely depends on the person. I like side sweep bangs on me more but I can really love bangs on people who suit it well!


  • Rain or Shine

Shine, rain is the most annoying thing EVER! Unfortunately, I have to deal with it a lot because I life in The Netherlands. 🙁

  • Summer or Winter

Winter, I love Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Skiing, Cosyness, Tea, Warm clothes etc!


  • Fall or Spring

Spring, I also love to have the feeling that it’s almost summer and that I almost have a long vacation!

  • Chocolate or Vanilla


So, that’s it. I hope you liked reading this tag! I really liked doing it. I invite you all to do this tag too because I love reading what you like the most of these ‘decisions’.

Have a great week!

Love, Anne ♥


16 thoughts on “This or That ♥ TAG

  1. Good post!! These are tough, I was trying to do them in my head and I’m like ahhhh I can’t choose lol Like right off the bat with bronzer and blush, both are such huge staples in my makeup routine! Good thing we don’t reaaally have to choose this or that and can just indulge in both 😉

    xo, JJ

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