16 thoughts on “I made my first poll.

  1. Make up stash, of course! 😆 Those are the most fun to look at!
    Have you seen mine? They took FOREVER to do… cart everything out, photograph, edit, label etc etc. But the effort is worth it.

  2. What a neat poll, Anne! How did you do that?
    I voted for necklaces (I love jewelry). Thanks for asking. You are so creative.
    Love, Debbie
    ps – I’m going to connect with you on social media now…. just saw your icons for them!

    1. Thank you! I actually can’t remember how I did it. I’ve watched a lot of video’s on youtube and I was just expirimenting with it! Thank you for voting, I will start the make-up stash series soon. After that, I hope I can do the necklaces stash! Thank you for following me, do you have instagram? I can follow you back then 🙂

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