Make-up, Stash

Make-upstash #1: Face powders ♥

Hi everyone! I’m FINALLY making this blogpost. I will be showing you my make-upcollection. Well, only a part of it. I store my make-upcollection in an organizer, with 5 drawers. I will show you 1 drawer every week! I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Shoplog AliExpress ♥

Hi everyone! While everyone is doing a Valentine’s Day-blogpost, I am going to show you what I bought by AliExpress. Everyone already showed their Valentine’s Day outfits, make-uplooks, movie ideas or date ideas, so you’ve probably seen enough. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing this shoplog! 


Empties (December ’16 + January ’17)

Hi everyone! I have been trying to collect my empty products in December and January so I can show you what I had been using a lot. It worked out a bit, because I accidently throw away a couple of things before photographing it. I hope you’ll enjoy this blogpost!