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January Favorites ♥

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Hi everyone! I’d like to show you my January Favorites today. Can you imagine it? It’s already February! Time flies like crazy. I hope you enjoy this post!!

I had an examweek (actually two weeks) so I didn’t experimented with new products much but I have been loving a couple of products I owned already. So you’ve probably seen some of the products before on my blog or instagram. So let’s go to my favorites of January!


  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette -> I’m still so in love with this palette. It’s my ALL TIME favorite. It has cost me a lot but it is totally worth it. I love pink/nude kind of colors so this is the perfect palette for me!
  • NYX Pore Filler primer -> I bought this one in Amsterdam at the beginning of the year and I’ve been using it a lot since then. It fills up my pores really well and it also makes my makeup stay on for the whole day! If you have troubles with your pores or you have very large pores, I’d definitely recommend trying this primer out!
  • MAC Faux -> I rediscovered this lipstick in my stash in January and I love this lipstick. Before January, I wore a lot of creme/sheen kind of lipstick and lipbalms and in January I changed it up to matte lipsticks. This is still one of my favorite lipsticks and it goes really well with an eyeshadowlook from that Urban Decay palette!
  • Essence stay all day translucent powder -> I think I bought this powder in December to try it out for undereye baking and it became my favorite powder in January! I’ve been baking my undereyes A LOT because my concealer is always creasing there! I definitely recommend this powder. It is super cheap and it works really well!
  • Andrélon Kokos Boost Caring Spray -> I heard a lot of good things about the ‘Kokos Boost‘ collection from Andrélon. It was in sale at my local drugstore so I wanted to try this spray out! It works really well, it is super caring and the smell is amazing! Definitely recommend it because it is super cheap as well!

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I hope you liked this post and I’m really curious about your favorites from January!

Much love, Anne ♥



15 thoughts on “January Favorites ♥

  1. Yes omg the naked 3 palette! Really great for everyday wear especially!! I’m thinking about trying out the Anderlon kokos boost! My hair could use some hydration after using so much heat and hairspray on it!

  2. I have the same problem with concealers for under-eye by the end of the days its totally creasing, I had no Idea that translucent powder could help with that! Good to know. So would I apply that first and then the concealer?


    1. It was so eye-opening for me! I apply foundation first, then concealer. With my damp beautyblender a dip it in the powder and apply a lot under my eyes on the concealer. I let it ‘bake’ for 5 minutes (I do my brows meanwhile) and then wipe it away with my normal face powder! Good luck, let me know if it works for you! 🙂

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