Empties (December ’16 + January ’17)

empties-dec-jan-01Hi everyone! I have been trying to collect my empty products in December and January so I can show you what I had been using a lot. It worked out a bit, because I accidently throw away a couple of things before photographing it. I hope you’ll enjoy this blogpost!

I’ve been trying to save up some empty products in December (2016) and January (2017). I have 6 beauty/makeup related empties to show and I will also tell you a little bit what I think about it! I have to admit, my pictures aren’t super beautiful in this blogpost but at least I tried.  So, let’s start!


  • Nivea Micellair Water Dry and Sensitive Skin -> This is by far my favorite micellair/cleansing water. I love the products from Nivea, they are always so soft and gentle. My skin is really sensitive and it can handle this micellair water so that’s good. (it can’t handle a lot of micellair waters tho) This water also removes waterproof makeup so that is another great point of it!
  • Etos make-up fixing spray long lasting -> This is actually the only fixing spray I’ve ever used and it’s by a Dutch drugstore called Etos. It is amazing. My make-up will last a lot longer and it doesn’t look caky anymore after putting this spray on!
  • Albert Heijn soft wattpads -> Just some regular, cheap wattpads by the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn. They are super soft so that’s really nice!

Empties Dec, Jan 03.jpg

  • Joyus Eau de Parfum -> I used this product up in early December so I don’t remember the smell of it anymore. It’s a super handy parfum by the way. It was so nice to take it with me in my travel bag!
  • Andrélon dryshampoo volume -> I can’t live anymore withouth dry shampoo. I use it almost everyday when my hair is greasy/oily or when it needs some volume. Definitely recommend this one if you don’t want to spend much money on products like this.
  • Rexona Shower Fresh Compressed Deodorant -> These compressed deo’s are so handy! I always throw them in my bag with me so these ones are really fast empty. (not because there is low product in it, but because I use it a lot)

These where my empties of December and January. Let me know if you like blogposts like this. I will promise that my pictures will be better next time and that I will save up some more empties for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love, Anne ♥



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