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Hi everyone! While everyone is doing a Valentine’s Day-blogpost, I am going to show you what I bought by AliExpress. Everyone already showed their Valentine’s Day outfits, make-uplooks, movie ideas or date ideas, so you’ve probably seen enough. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing this shoplog! 

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you on Instagram if you wanted to see a shoplog about the things I bought on AliExpress. Since I finally received almost all the things I bought, I can finally make this blogpost for you!

I know, not everyone agrees with AliExpress because they also sell fake make-up and they think it’s not fair. I don’t buy any make-up on the webshop but I love to buy other things that I really like and that are cheaper than in The Netherlands. For those of you who haven’t heard of the webshop, search on google or go to their website. I’ve already talked enough, let’s go with the shoplog!



So I bought a couple of jewelry items on the webshop. I bought 3 chokers and 2 pairs of earrings. I already lost one of the earrings with the leave on it, but that’s not a problem for me. I don’t like those earrings. It’s super hard to get them in and it doesn’t look good on me. I’ve got some pictures of me wearing those jewelry.

aliexpress-shoplog-02  aliexpress-shoplog-03

I don’t like the silver choker because it it to big and it irritates my neck. I do like the other chokers with the stone on it. I’ve already worn it a lot!

aliexpress-shoplog-04  aliexpress-shoplog-05

I really love the ‘stripe’ earrings (left picture). I’ve already worn it a lot. As I told you before, I dislike the other earrings!



I bought a silicone make-up brush cleaner which I’m going to try out tonight! I thought it would be really helpful to clean my brushes faster! I also bought these eyeshadow/eyeliner tools to help putting eyeshadow and eyeliner on! I want to try these out for my blog so comment down below if you’d like that!



I love to put pompon’s on my keys! These pompon’s are super cute and I love the color, the lighter one is almost the same color as my car! So I have that pompon by my carkeys. It looks just so cute and I won’t loose my keys as often!!



Oh, I’m so in love with this patches-trend lately! I bought these patches to put them on a jeans jacket, which I’m going to buy really soon. I’d also like to make a blogpost about how I am going to do that. So if you’re interested in this, let me know in the comments!


AliExpress Shoplog 09.png

Look how cute these are! I love the one in the left most, this is just a ‘back’ one. The other two has also a part on the front of your phone. I’ve been searching for a phonecase with fallin glitters like the left one for ages and I finally found an amazing one! I’m super happy with it!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Let me know if you want a blogpost on the eyeshadow tools and/or the patches! Also let me know if you have any recommendations from AliExpress!

Have a nice week!

Much love, Anne ♥



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  1. I’m loving the phone cases….I havent tried one that wraps completely around like that but there’s been so many cute ones I’ve seen that I wanted….Exhibit A the ones you have!

    xo, JJ

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