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Review ♥ NYX Liquid Suède – Kitten Heels


Hi everyone! Today, I’m talking about a Liquid Suède liquid lipstick by NYX. I bought this one the day before Christmas, and ever since, I wanted to make a review about it for my blog. So if you are curious about this liquid lipstick, keep on reading!

I bought the Liquid Suède in a red color, because I wanted to wear it for Christmas. I have the liquid lipstick in the color Kitten

This is how it looks like. I think the packaging looks super pretty. It is just an easy packaging but it looks very classic. I didn’t know what to think about the applicator at the first sight. I didn’t know if it worked well.


Here is a swatch of the liquid lipstick. It’s the one on the left. I also swatched a lipliner (08 Red Blush from essence) because I wanted to check if it looked good with eachother. I used the Liquid Suède for the second time to make this blogpost, I wore it already at Christmas. I am the worst with (liquid) lipsticks so I had to put a lipliner on, before applying the Liquid Suède. I found out that the applicator of the Liquid Suède really annoying is to work with.

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So here is the final result when I am wearing it. On the left picture you see me wearing it now, on the right picture you see me wearing it with Christmas. Eventhough it’s really hard to put on for me, I love the color and the formula. It dries really quickly but doesn’t feel too dry. It’s also a pretty color for a night out or a celebration day like Christmas.

If you are good with putting on (liquid) lipstick, I definitely recommend this one. If you aren’t good with them, I recommend practicing with putting on liquid lipsticks with a nude color. When you use a nude color, people will not easily see that you messed up. It also helped me to out on a lipliner before using the liquid lipstick!

Have you tried any of the NYX Liquid Suède liquid lipsticks out? What is your favorite color? Have a nice week!

Much love, Anne ♥


30 thoughts on “Review ♥ NYX Liquid Suède – Kitten Heels

  1. These are great! I agree that certain colours can be tricky to apply as you want a crisp finish but I think that is any vibrant coloured lip product. I have this is the shade Run the world (purple) and Jet-Set (blue). The formula is great as these products blend well together which I usually do an ombré look with these shades!

  2. I just bought myself a few of these and I’m waiting for them to get here in the mail. I am super excited. I have practiced a few times but I think I got a more nude color and a darker wine color. I forget honestly and will have to wait and see which I ended up getting! The color looks great on you by the way!

  3. YES YES YES, I’m a total fan of NYX’s Liquid Suede I’ve tried the kitten heels and loved their red…but when it comes to red I love nyx’s matte lipstick Perfect Red a little bit more. But the Lip Suede I use everyday is the Sandstorm color, its the nude-ish tone and I’m obsessed!

    xo, JJ

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