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Make-upcollection 2017 // Wrap Up

Hi everyone. Glad to have you back on my site! In February and March, I showed you my whole make-up collection. I separated this series in 5 blogposts and I’ll be showing you a summary from all these blogposts today. So if you’re curious, definitely keep on reading!

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Hi everyone. Last night there was a fire around our house and I want to tell you a bit about what happened. First, I didn’t know how and what to write it, and what the title would be, but I think I wrote it pretty good eventually… 


Blue Sky Tag!

  Hi friends! Since I’ve been nominated for a couple of tags the last weeks, I thougth, why not do one?! So today, I’ll be answering the questions of the Blue Sky Tag! I hope you’ll like this blogpost! 


Color Analysis ♥

Hi friends! Last week my mom and I did a color analysis. It was so interesting and I finally got to know which colors look the best on me. I’d like to give you an impression about how an color analysis works. I hope you’ll like it!

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Amsterdam Haul ♥

Hello hello! How are you doing? Today, I’d like to share what I bought in Amsterdam last week. I’ve been to Amsterdam with my mother and we’ve had an amazing time! I also bought A LOT of new clothes, beauty-products and other cute things. So if you’re curious, definitely keep on reading!!