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Make-upstash #3 Lipproducts, Browproducts, Eyeliners & Testers


Hi everyone! We’re already halfway through this make-upstash-series. I hope you all still like seeing what make-up I own. I’d like to show you the 3rd drawer of y make-up organizer today! So if you’re curious about what I store there, keep on reading!!

In this 3rd drawer of my organizer, I store my lipproducts, eyebrowproducts, eyeliners and eyepencil and some beauty and skincare testers!

If you haven’t seen my 1st and 2nd drawer-blogpost, please click on the following words: 1st drawer and 2nd drawer. I have told you about this organizer I own in the fist blogpost (1st drawer), so if you’re curious about that, definitely check that blogpost out!


So without any further ado, let’s get this party started!!


So these are all the products I store in the 3rd drawer of my make-up organizer. You can see lipproducts and eyebrowproducts in the front (bottom of the picture) and eyeliners, eyepencils, lippencils, other lipproducts I don’t use much and some testers in the back of the drawer.

I’ll be showing you these products sort by sort, starting with all the lipproducts I own!


You can see the lipsticks I own at the top of the picture, the other lipproducts and labello’s in the middle row of this picture and the lippencils and some caring products on the bottom of the picture.

If you want to know which lippencils I own and see some swatches click here for a full blogpost all about them!

I’ll be listing all the products of the picture above starting with the upper row from left to right:

  • Essence (04 On the catwalk!), Essence matt matt matt (07 purple power), Catrice Ultimate Colour (350 MATTador), Sleek True Colour Lipstick (Vixen), MAC Cremesheen (Speak Louder), Essence (03 BFF), MAC Satin (Faux), MAC lustre (Giddy), Etos Color Care (Peach On The Beach)
  • HEMA Soft Matt lipbalm (06), Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss (09 Smooth Berry), Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss (010 Nude-Tritious), NYX Liquid Suède (Kitten Heels), Catrice (I’ve used this so much that the text on the packaging faded away, so I don’t know what this product is), NYX soft matte lip cream (Tokyo), Labello (Cherry Shine), Albert Heijn lippenbalsem (parelglans), Labello (Original)
  • ESSENCE LIPLINERS, I love… Mango & Papaya lipgloss, The Body Shop lip balm (Honey Bronze)

You can click on some of the products to see blogpost I made about them earlier. Especially the one about the lipliners is a recommendation because I didn’t mention them all here.

I actually have no idea which products are limited edition so I’m sorry if some aren’t available anymore!! 🙂

I have swatched the upper row (lipsticks) for you in the picture below!! They are all in the same order as in the picture above, so I have already mentioned them all and I’m not going to mention them again!!


My favorite lipsticks are all the 3 MAC ones and the ones from essence, because I bought them in really beautiful colors and they are super cheap!!

Now, onto the brow products!!


I love doing my brows and my favorite browproduct is that catrice eyeshadowpalette. It has a lot of colors that suit perfectly with my brows!! I’m going to mention these products just the same way as I did with the lipproducts.

Since I hit pan in my favorite colors of the catrice eyeshadowpalette, I bought already a new eyeshadowcolor by NYX. The catrice eyeshadowpalette is not available in stores anymore so I can’t buy it again :-(. I haven’t tried the NYX one out yet but I hope it will also fit my eyebrows!

Eyeliners and eyepencils


These are all the eyepencils I own. Well, actually the ones I don’t use everyday. Next week you will see 4 (I think) eyepencils I use almost everyday! I will mention them all again starting from the left one.

  • Yves Rocher Eye Pencil (12 Bieu Agave), Etos Kohl Pencil (001), Sephora Eye pencil (Brown), Etos Lip pencil (002), Yves Rocher Waterproof Eye Pencil (08 Cuivre), Maybelline Color Show (16 Place Vendôme Paris), Etos Kohl Pencil (008), Yves Rocher Eye Pencil (01. Rose taupé), H&M Eye Colour-to-go (Fairytale), Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long-wear Liquid Eyeliner (Goldrush)

I also swatched these pencils, they are also from left to right, just like in the picture above!


I love the 3 pencils from Yves Rocher, the formula of them are all great! The Maybelline Colour Show eye pencil is also very beautiful!!



Last but not least, I have some testers in the drawer of my make-uporganizer. I get testers everywhere. Mostly at Yves Rocher because they’re always super generous with giving their testers to people!

I also have a tester from Elvive (L’Oréal), Collistar, Lancôme, Be Creative Make Up, Biotherm, Urban Decay, Estée Lauder, Midalgan and Clinique!

I love to collect testers and to try them out when I have a day off or in the evening when I have some me-time. I sometimes discover some great products by using a tester first!!

This was my 3rd drawer! I hope you all liked it eventhough it was a longer post than I normally write! If you want anymore information or swatches from a certain product, just ask your question in the comments down below!

I hope you guys liked this post! I’m actually super curious about your favorite lipproduct (and which shade) and your favorite eyepencil/liner (and the shade)! Wish you a nice rest of the week!! 

Much love, Anne ♥

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19 thoughts on “Make-upstash #3 Lipproducts, Browproducts, Eyeliners & Testers

  1. First of all, I seriously need to invest in these acrylic organizers!!! I can’t believe that I still haven’t. I’m slacking! Next those, lip options ahh, how do you even choose which one to use for the day, they’re all such good colors! I get overwhelmed when I have like 3 good nude colors I love because I never know which one I want to wear let alone 5+ colors lol I love the rose gold liners theyre so pretty! I generally only ever use brown which I like the sephora brown pencil…I wonder if they have it in a mechanical pencil form….I’ll have to look into that (no sharpener problems lol) I can’t wait to see the ones you use daily!

    xo, JJ

    1. Acrylic organizers are the bom!! They are so handy but also super pretty! I have to admit, I use the labello’s the most! When I have a party or a special event, I might wear a bolder lipstick but on a daily basis, I use a nude lipstick or a liptbalm!! That Sephora pencil is actually from an eyeshadowpalette from Sephora. The palette came with an eyepencil and a make-up brush. (It’s the It Palette Nude). 🙂

  2. I love looking at stash pictures! 😀
    The lipstick shade 03 BFF from Essence is so lovely! You have a well rounded range of lipstick colours. 🙂
    I’m still kicking myself for not buying that Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette when I was in Croatia last year. I was unsure of the quality! Now I know they’re great. Next time I will get it for sure.
    The Yves Rocher eye pencil in Rose Taupe is so pretty – I’ve not tried their eye pencils but I’ll keep them in mind. Their eye shadows are really good, have you tried them?

    1. Same, stash blogposts or stash video’s are definitely my favorites to watch! You’re right, when I’m not in a nude lipstick kind of mood, I use BFF by essence. Unfortunately, that Matt palette from Catrice is out of their range now. (At least in NL, Belgium and Germany, idk the rest of Europe) So I’m already crying overhere that I just have a couple of weeks/months to go where my eyebrows will be onfleek, I hope I can find a good other option than this palette. I haven’t tried any of the Yves Rocher eyeshadows yet. Heard a lot of good things about it but since I have already so much eyeshadows, I haven’t bought them yet. And I think they’re to expensive, lol!

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