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Amsterdam Haul ♥


Hello hello! How are you doing? Today, I’d like to share what I bought in Amsterdam last week. I’ve been to Amsterdam with my mother and we’ve had an amazing time! I also bought A LOT of new clothes, beauty-products and other cute things. So if you’re curious, definitely keep on reading!!

So as I told you, I went to Amsterdam with my mother. We went shopping in the city on Friday. After staying in a hotel that night we went to the Huishoudbeurs. All the Dutchies reading this, know what this mean, but I’ll explain it for all the other people!

The Huishoudbeurs is an anual event in Amsterdam where you can buy lots and lots of things! Back in the days, a lot of housewives came there, to buy household goods for a low price. But since a couple of years (I think), a lot of girls are comming there to because you can buy there trendy clothes, make-up, beauty, accesoires and food for a very low price! My mother and I go every year for like 4/5 years now, and we still like it!

That’s enough talking, let’s take a look what I’ve bought.

Amsterdam City Center

amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-01 Amsterdam en Huishoudbeurs 17.png

Blouse: Stradivarius – I just thought they where so easy to style and just looked so cute and sophisticated! It’s perfect since the weather is getting a little bit better!!

amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-04 amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-05

Denim jacket: Only -I wanted a denim jacket so bad and I finally found the right one! It’s the perfect color and it fits amazing! I will definitely wear this one a lot this spring!

amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-02 amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-03

T-shirt: Primark – Just a super simple and cheap T-shirt from primark. I really like the text because it totally suits me :’)


Bag: Primark – When I saw this bag, I immediately fell in love with it. It is the perfect size for a short day at school or a day shopping! You can put a lot in it but it isn’t too big.

amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-06 amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-07

T-shirt: Subdued – T-shirts from Subdued are the best. They are so cute and stylish but also really comfy and really soft! Love it!


Sally Hansen: 238 Regal Rosé, 420 Tea Party & 610 Cream of the Crop – My mother and I are addicted to Sally Hansen nailpolishes. They just work so good for us and the colors are super pretty!


Yves Rocher: Express Eye Makeup Remover – Ofcourse I forgot my eye makeup remover so I bought a travel-size one and got a free little travel bag with it!


amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-15 amsterdam-en-huishoudbeurs-16

I bought this super cute scarf but I don’t know from which brand! It was only 1 euro so I had to buy it!


I really wanted to buy a cute watch and I did! I love this pink/gold watch and it was also a super cheap one! I’m super happy with it and I’ve worn it ever since I bought it.


Garnier has also super good deals at these events so I bought these three products for only 6 euro. I really wanted to try out these pink-products and they work and smell great! Super happy I bought this too!


My nails definitely needed some rescue that’s why I bought this Nail Repair and Nail Balsam by Trind. They work AMAZING! I’ve used these products for about a week now and my nails got already so much stronger and shinier! Love it!


Last but not least, I bought some masks. I love using masks when I have a little extra free time! I already used the Green Tea Peel-Off mask. It was amazing!

This is it! I hope you liked this post and I hope you like what all I bought in Amsterdam. Wish you a great weekend! 

Much love, Anne ♥

15 thoughts on “Amsterdam Haul ♥

  1. Shoo Anne, you had a blast ! 🙂 What lovely things you bought. Nothing is better than having a great time shopping, and being with your mom, must have been magic. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. That “busy doing nothing” shirt describes me in a nutshell….
    “Hey Jenny wanna go out?”…..”Sorry, I’m busy…doing nothing” hahah literally my life. Loveee the blouse, I’d totally rock that to work! I love Sally Hansen polishes, esp their quick dry ones (for obvious reasons) but I have yet to try the gel ones! I love the looks of gel but I need to make sure it comes off with regular polish remover, do those ones??

    xo, JJ

    1. LOL yes, that’s why I had to get it!!! IT totally describes my life :’). That blouse is amazing, I have to wear sophisticated clothes to school so that’s perfect for me!! The Sally Hansel Gel-without-a-light (idk what it’s actually called) are amazing! They dry a little slow (bleh) but they will be on your nails for quite a long time. And yes, they will come of with a regular remover!!! xo

  3. I use the Nail Balsam by Trind every time I do my manicure. It’s the 2nd bottle I’ve purchased – it’s great!
    That watch is so pretty. 🙂
    Fun haul!

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