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Q&A ♥ 500 followers


Hi friends, as you may know, I hit 500 followers on my blog last week. I asked you all to send me some questions and you guys did! So in this blogpost I’m going to answer them!

If you’re curious about that 500 followers Q&A blogpost, just click here! I want to thank you all for sending these questions! I didn’t expect to receive so many questions!  I also want to thank you all again for the support all the time. It means a lot to me!

So without any further ado, let’s start this Q&A!

Karalee: What is your favorite brand of makeup and skincare?

Good question! I love a lot of brands but when it comes to skincare, I prefer Yves Rocher. My skin doesn’t get irritated when I use their products and my skin looks better when I used it. I think NYX is my favorite make-upbrand. Eventhough I don’t have super much products of them, I use the products I own from NYX almost everyday!

Monique: From which product did you have high expectations, but has a disappointing result?

I bought an eyeliner from Urban Decay and it worked so good in the store but it totally didn’t worked when I used it at home. It is a golden eyeliner and the pigmentation is actually super bad, so when I put it on, you will actually see nothing at all. Too bad because it costs €21

Q&A 01.png

EMMZEEBEE: What inspired you to start a blog?

I actually had a blog before this one. I had it with a friend and it was in my native language, Dutch. We both didn’t have much time anymore for that blog, so I quit blogging for like a month. I missed blogging so I started this blog. I already had an instagram with the name @beautybyadutchgirl so I started blogging with the same name! An other inspiration is that I love makeup and wanted to share my passion with others. 🙂

Ella May Garrett: What is your holy grail makeup/skincare products?

For makeup, I love highlighters! I think my favorite is the Sleek Solstice palette. Such a beauty and it has 4 blinding highlighters in it!!! I think my holy grail skincare products are the nivea soft creme and the nivea micellair water for sensitive skin! 



  1. How many followers did you originally think you’d get when you started your channel? I hoped for more than 1k followers but I actually thought 200 was super much. I didn’t think I would get much more than that!
  2. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? Showing my passion for makeup and beauty and getting back love and support from my followers!! (Abigail also asked me this question!!)
  3. If you could become a full time blogger, would you? I don’t know! I really like blogging at the moment but I actually don’t think I will be doing this for more than 10/20 years.. But who knows? Maybe I still like blogging when I’m 30 years…
  4. If we’re given the chance to travel to space, would you take it? No! I like being with 2 feet on the ground! I am afraid to fly and going to space would be super scary!
  5. How many languages do you speak? I think I can speak 3 languages very well, which are Dutch, English and German. I can also speak a couple of words in French and Italian, but that’s not much!
  6. What are your hobbies? Blogging, of course. I also like doing my make-up and experimenting with it, shopping, go out for dinner and watching movies! My free-time isn’t super vibrant at the moment, because most of the times I’m free, I sleep hihi!

marivynblaire: What tips can you give to someone starting off their first blog and to reach 500 followers?

Just write about things you like! Quality goes before quantity, so don’t post a blogpost you’re not happy about. Connect with other bloggers by commenting, liking and following (on) their blog!! 🙂



  1. What was your first makeup item? I have no idea. It was probably a lipstick I think. I don’t know anymore..
  2. How old were you when you were allowed to wear makeup? I also don’t know this question. I started doing it when I was around 12 years old. I think I was only doing eyeshadow and lipstick/lipgloss then. I can’t remeber that I was not allowed to wear makeup, my parents only didn’t want me to look like a clown!
  3. What was the most disappointing beauty item you tried? Already answered that question!! It was one of the first I answered!
  4. Who are your favorite beauty gurus/YouTubers? I love NikkieTutorials, she is amazingly talented!! Uh, MannyMUA and Shaaanxo are amazing too! I also like Jessie Maya a lot, but she is a Dutch youtuber!

mariabergmark: At which age did you start to get interested in makeup and beauty products?

I was already using makeup when I was 12 years old, but I wasn’t wearing much. I think I started to get really interested in makeup and beauty when I was 15 of 16 years old. It became a passion and it still is, I’m 18 years old!

Rosinaleeblog: What makeup products would you recommend to people that want to start wearing makeup?

You should definitely get a good mascara and a lipstick in a color you like! Also a highlighter would be really pretty. It doesn’t have to be a really blinding highlighter, just a little bit of shine is already pretty!

Q&A 02.png


  1. If you could have any profession in the world what would you choose to be? Uh, I would actually don’t know! I like blogging for now, but just as a hobby. I’m studying to be a business economic and I think that will be a profession I really want to be. I’m not sure yet, but I’d love to be a business woman!
  2. Rate these in importance to you: Makeup, hair, nails, clothes: This is so hard, all of these are so important to me! There we go: make-up, hair, clothes, nails. That doesn’t mean I will wear makeup and not wear clothes when I’m late lol. When I’m late, I will be wearing boring clothes and exciting makeup!
  3. Would you rather: Travel for a living OR Blog professionally and get paid for it. Travel for a living!! Blogging is amazing and getting paid for it would be awesome, but travelling to amazing places is my nr 1 on my bucket list! (Well, my imaginary bucket list..)

T By Mallano: What sort of products would you recommend for pro-acne skin?

Ohh, I wouldn’t know actually. I have a dry and senstive skin so I can use very oily products! But I think when you have an acne skin, you can’t use it. I’d recommend going to a specialist who know everything about it! Or you could go to a beauty-store to ask for suggestions!!

thebeautyinsideout: Which is the ONE product you would recommend everyone to buy?

Oh My God, this question is too hard!! I love highlighters so I might wanna go with the Sleek Solstice highlighter, which is a totally favorite of mine. But also the regular nivea creme is a must have!! You can use it for almost every part of your skin!

Q&A 03.png

These were all the questions I got on my blog for this Q&A. Now on to the questions I got on instagram!

@Sanne.Beauty.Life: What do you like the most about blogging?

As I said before, Showing my passion for makeup and beauty and getting back love and support from my followers!! That is what I definitely like the most about blogging!

@singlebeautyblender: What is your absolute favorite brand of matte lipstick?

I have to admit, I don’t use much matte lipstick. I prefer shiny lipsticks. I’d have to say NYX because I own a couple of liquid lipsticks from them, which are matte. They are amazing! So NYX would be my favorite brand!


So these were all the questions! I’m so glad that you all send my so many questions! I loved answering them. I hope you liked reading this and that you’re happy with the answers I gave on your questions! I answered all the questions I got so it became a little long blogpost. I hope you don’t mind!

Well, I hope to see you back again on my blog soon!! I wish you all a lovely week!

Much love, Anne ♥


30 thoughts on “Q&A ♥ 500 followers

    1. Well, fluent.. I just speak it well I think, eventhough my German can really use an upgrade. When I had it in school, I spoke it much better than I can speak it now. But leaving super close to Germany makes it possible for me to speak German at least ones a week! I will IF I ever reach 1k followers, but I think that will be in the very future! xo

  1. Loved reading through your responses! I love when its like real life people/bloggers who are genuinely interested in your answers to their questions it makes it much more personable. Which reminds me I love your answer to my ordering of makeup, hair, clothes, nails- too funny. Lip suede is totally my favorite matte lipgloss too and nyx is hands down my favorite (most affordable) make up brand as well. Can’t wait for you to do another one of these Q&A posts! 🙂

    xo, JJ

    1. Jenny! That’s just what I thought! I didn’t expect that people were just so curious about me and my opinions about things! I wouldn’t have thougt that they were just so interested about me as a person! I’m happy that you like my answer on your question! I was really thinking about it, it was such a hard question! I hope I can do some Q&A’s in the future too, because I really loved answering all these questions! xo♥

  2. Wow, so impressed you answered every single question! 🙂 Thank you for answering mine – I enjoy learning more about you! I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was around 14 myself. 😛 I was interested in it way before that though.
    You mentioned that you love Yves Rocher skincare – anything in particular that you love from them?

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so nice to hear that people are actually interested in me and my opinions! I do love Yves Rocher skincare. I love their eyemakeup remover and their pore minimalizing serum! Those are my favorites 🙂

  3. Hi! I found your blog through Jenny’s recommendation and I’m loving it so far- first of all you’re so pretty!! I love NYX too – there lip creams and glitters are just amazing. Andddd I also found Urban Decay’s eyeliners so disappointing, I worked for them once over Christmas and I absolutely loved playing around with them in store, then I bought one and thought wtf did I just waste my money on? Love love love the Sleek Solstace palette, absolutely stunning colours! Have you tried the Cleopatra’s Kiss palette from Sleek too? That’s also gorgeous however Solstace is still number 1 in my opinion! Can’t wait to read more from your blog hun x

    1. Ahh, it’s so cool that Jenny recommended me and that people are really comming to my blog. Thank you for your oh so sweet comment, it means a lot!! I totally feel you with the UD opinion, I was just so sad that I spend a lot of money for a total useless product. And yes, the sleek solstice palette is the BOM, but I’ve never tried the Cleopatra’s Kiss. I am super pale so I thought that it wouldn’t be the right palette for me. But I will definitely take a look whenever I see that palette coming by. I will definitely be checking out your blog too, you’re so nice! xo

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