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Hi friends! Last week my mom and I did a color analysis. It was so interesting and I finally got to know which colors look the best on me. I’d like to give you an impression about how an color analysis works. I hope you’ll like it!

In this blogpost, I’d like to give you an impression from the color analysis that I’ve had. I’ll also explain a little bit about the colors (warm and cool toned) and the kind  of types (summer, spring, winter and autumn) you can be. All these different types, have different undertones and different colors they can wear. But I’ll explain everything in this blogpost for you!!

My mother and I have done this color analysis by a professional, who knew everything about the undertones and the different types of people.

I’ll first explain a little bit about the undertones. You can have a cool undertone or a warm undertone. To know which undertone you have, you can look to your skin, eyecolor and the natural color of your hair. The person who was looking at our undertone, used a colored paper to see which undertone we had.

Kleuranalyse 03 Kleuranalyse 02

On the left picture, you can see my hand laying on a paper with a warm undertone and on the right picture you can see my hand laying on a paper with a cool undertone. If you look closely and you compare these pictures, you will see that my hand fits in with the cool tone better than the warm tone.

Kleuranalyse 06Kleuranalyse 05

She also held a golden (warm) and silver(cool) color under my face, to see which color complimented me the best. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that the golden color made me look a little bit sick. The silver color complimented me a little more.

She also looked at my eyes and my haircolor and decide that I had a cool undertone.

Now, I’ll explain you a little bit about these types I was talking about earlier. A person can be a summer-, spring-, winter- or autumn-type. Since I have a cool undertone, I could only be a summer- or winter-type, because these types do have undertones. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about yet, I’ll explain it to you with some pictures.


Kleuranalyse 04 Kleuranalyse 07Kleuranalyse 11 - zomer

When you are a summer-type, cool toned colors and pastels look good on you. These are colors who are mostly mixed with grey! In the first picture you can see the colors that belong to a summer-type.


Kleuranalyse 13 Kleuranalyse 12 - Lente

When you are a spring-type, you can wear warm toned colors and really bright colors! You can see which colors look good on you on the picture on the left!


Kleuranalyse 14

Kleuranalyse 10 - winter

When you are a winter-type, cool toned colors and dark colors will look good on you. These colors are also often mixed with grey, just like the colors from a summer-type.


Kleuranalyse 15

Kleuranalyse 08 - herfstKleuranalyse 09 - herst

As you can see, an autumn-type has a warm undertone and can wear warm toned colors. These colors are often mixed with orange. An autumn-type can also wear really dark colors.

*I may have not put all the right pictures of me sitting in the chair, with the good type of person. I really tried to put the good pictures in the good type, but I think the summer and winter type pictures, may have switched up a little bit, but the color-cards are definitely right!*

So, as I told you in the beginning, I have a cool undertone. I have also a super white skin which means that pastels look the best on me. The woman who was helping us, told me that I was a summer-type, which I was actually a little surprised about because I didn’t think a really light color matched my skin pretty well. So she also told me that I had to combine the light/pastel colors with a darker color to get a little bit of contrast. That would suit me the best!

Kleuranalyse 16 Kleuranalyse 17

I could take a color-card home so I know which colors look good on my when I go shopping! I could also make a picture of the haircolors that look good on me!

Why do I recommend doing a color analysis?

When you’ve done a color analysis, you can shop a little easier and quicker. You know which colors suit you the best so you only have to pick clothes in those colors and see if you like them on! It also helps you a little with make-up. When you have a cool-toned skin, you can use a cool toned foundation and cool toned eyeshadow and lipstick. But remember always, just wear what YOU like and what YOU think suits you the best!

I did this color analysis at SOANN.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and that I inspired you to do a color analysis. 

Happy Sunday!

Much love, Anne ♥


16 thoughts on “Color Analysis ♥

  1. Anne, thank you. I really have enjoyed this. I have always wondered about what colours really suit me and what my undertone would be. Looking forward to experimenting with this. 🙂 Have a beautiful day. 🙂

  2. What!! This is amazing!!!! First of all, never knew that this was even a thing but wow this is so cool and interesting. I was reading this with eyes wide open trying to take it all in! I’m so intrigued and now I’m anxious to see where I land in all of this. How much does it cost to do a color analysis? Im off to google so I can do some research now haha

    xo, JJ

    1. It is just so helpful! It saves a lot of time with shopping because I know now which colors suit me the best! It costed me 25 euros which wasn’t actually too expensive because other people asked about 75 euros for it! xo

  3. This looks like a really fun and useful thing to do! I’m always picking garish colours that don’t go well with what I usually wear… And getting a professional to do it would be so cool! Btw I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which you can find here:

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