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Empties ♥ February & March

Empties Feb, March 01

Heyhey everyone!! Today I’d like to show you my empties of February and March. I have A LOT of empties for these months and I’ve saved them all up for this blogpost! Enjoy reading!

In this blogpost I will show you 18 (!!) products and things that got empty in these months. Which means that I will start very quickly with the blogpost today, otherwise it will be super long! Enjoy!

Empties Feb, March 05

  • DEMAKUP Original DUO cotton pads. Just regular and cheap cotton pads I use everyday!
  • 2x Nivea Cleaning Wipes. These are just so soft. Luckily, my skin can handle all nivea products so that is awesome. I definitely recommend these wipes!

Empties Feb, March 03

  • Etos Make-Up Fixing Spray Long Lasting. This is the only fixing spray I’ve ever tried and it’s amazing!
  • Nivea Micellair Water Dry and Sensitive Skin. My holy grail micellair, I always use this water to cleanse my skin and remove make-up!
  • iWear multibalance all-in-1. I thought, why not mention the fluid I use for my contact lenses? Haha, this one got empty in February and I use it everyday (ofcourse)
  • Aquafresh freshmint. I love this toothpaste, it just taste lovely. That’s one of the most important things for my with toothpastes!

Empties Feb, March 04

  • GARNIER Refreshing Shampoo. Love this shampoo because my hair gets oily very quick. This helps to slow this process a little bit!
  • GARNIER Repairing Shampoo. Just for the ends of the hair, to give them a little bit more love because they will tend to get a little dry.
  • Yves Rocher Energizing Bath & Shower Gel Raspberry Peppermint. I love Yves Rocher, as I’ve probably mentioned 10000 times before. This smell is amazing!

Empties Feb, March 02

  • Dove DermaSpa goodness Body Lotion. Just a lovely smelling and moisturizing body lotion!
  • Ikea SINNLIG Scented Candle (red/sweet berries). I love this smell, you should definitely try out the ikea candles. They are lovely and also cheap!
  • Yves Rocher Canneberge & Amande Hand Cream. My beloved handcream is empty, *cries*. Unfortunately, it was in the Christmas collection so I can’t get it anymore.

Empties Feb, March 06

  • miss sporty Studio Lash The MIAOWW eyeliner. This is the only eyeliner I can work with so I already bought a new one. I definitely recommend this eyeliner. It’s super easy to work with and it’s also super cheap!
  • Catrice Cosmetics Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof. Lol, this is also the only mascara I can use. It just makes my eyelashes pretty, which all the other mascara’s don’t do..
  • NYX HD Concealer CW02 Fair. This one is actually empty for a while now but I couldn’t throw it away. It was the first NYX product I bought and I was so happy with it!
  • Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 005 Light Natural. Best concealer ever, eventhough I like the color 010 more!
  • MAYBELLINE BROWdrama Dark Brown. This is a lovely brow gel but the applicator is horrible so I shaped it in the shape I liked (with scissors lol)

So these were ALL the empties I had from February and March. I used most of the products everyday, like the cleansing wipes, miccelair water, handcream, mascara and catrice concealer! So that also gives you a little impression of my favorites of those months.

I hope you liked reading it and I’d like to know if you own any of these products and what you think about it.

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!

Much love, Anne ♥

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7 thoughts on “Empties ♥ February & March

  1. Such an interesting post. I use the NYX mascara, and it is Amazing. I must definitely check out the concealer as that is a product I desperately need.
    I love aquafresh toothpaste 🙂
    Have a great day !

  2. Aquafresh is literally my favorite toothpaste brand lol I’m interested to see how you shaped the brow applicator….how innovative of you! The Yves Rocher Canneberge & Amande Hand Cream….cranberry and does that say almond….mmmm I bet that’s a good one right there!

    xo, JJ

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