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Hi everyone. Last night there was a fire around our house and I want to tell you a bit about what happened. First, I didn’t know how and what to write it, and what the title would be, but I think I wrote it pretty good eventually… 

So, I’ll tell you what happened. Last night, my sister and I were home alone when we heard the doorbell ring at about 1.15 am. I first thought something was wrong with our bell, that happened before, but it kept going for a long time. After like 30 seconds we heard also banging on the door. It was extremely scary. The banging was so loud and it was in the middle of the night, so I hope you understand my sister and I were so afraid!

While calling our parents, my sister and I opened the door (finally) together. My heart was bouncing, I didn’t know who to expect at this time. There were 2 older people standing there and they told us that our hedge was on fire. After a little panic attack, I turned on all the lights in the house while my sister unlocked all the doors downstairs, so we could start extinguish the fire. The police was already called and some neighbors came to help us. Some did even hear the banging on our door, which means that the banging was super loud. My sister was filling tubs with water so other people could throw it on the fire, while I was informing all the people around the house who came to help is. Lol, my sister and I had some good teamwork going on there 🙂

The police finally came after 5 minutes (it felt like an hour) and I was relieved that we weren’t alone anymore. (I mean, there were at least people who’ve experienced a fire before. We weren’t alone because of all the other people) I woke up our other neighbors and I informed all the other people about the police. Everyone helped so well! It was just abnormal. There were like 10 people helping and we didn’t know at least 5 of them. It was a bit of a scary feeling, strangers in our house, but they were all so kind, sweet and helpful.

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After another 5 minutes, the firefighters came. The fire wasn’t as big as it was in the beginning anymore and it didn’t got to our house, which we were all really scared of. The hedge is kind of close to our house so if the flames were big enough, they could also come to our house. (see the picture above)

So after the fire was out, almost everyone who helped went home. It’s just unbelievable how kind people can be to help us to really extinguish the fire. I think I would’ve done the same if I saw a fire, but without those people, who’d know what happened?

The police was so nice. They helped extinguish the fire, they made sure everyone was okay and they really calmed down my sister and I. I’m so grateful that everything went well. Yes, the whole hedge is damaged, as you can see on the pictures, but I think the most important thing is that we are okay and that the house is okay.

It actually felt a bit like a nightmare, but when I look at our hedge, I get to see that it really happened..

So, I was wondering, did any of you had an experience like this? Did one of you had something (around your house or your house) on fire? Or have you been home alone and something terrible happened?

Hope you’ll did have a nice weekend!

Much love, Anne ♥

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  1. I’m so sorry that happened, and I’m glad to hear that you & your sister & your house are safe. Our basement was once on fire, but luckily the firefighters got there before it spread, and nobody was hurt!

    1. Well, I know how you feel now. It’s just so weird that you can’t do much about something like a fire. You’re just standing there and you feel so helpless. Thank you so much for your kind words xo ♥

  2. Oh wow. I’m glad you & your sister are okay!
    There has never been a fire at my house, but my dad is a firefighter so if there ever was I would feel safe

  3. One time i went into the city, but i got lost. My phone died and it was raining. But i live outside the city so it would be another 30 minute bike ride through the pouring rain. Then i saw a store where you can buy phones, and i charged my phone here. But i can’t call people on my phone because it’s broken so i had to spam my mom to come help. I think that was one of the scariest things ever.

  4. Anne, I am so pleased you and your sister are okay and no-one was hurt. I am so sorry you had to experience something so scary.
    You are fortunate to live amongst people who care, isn’t it wonderful how everyone pulled together and were there for you and your sister 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m just so grateful for all the help we’ve got! I think my sister and I got a little stronger yesterday, by experiencing this and handling this the way we did! Thank you for your lovely comment Lynne, it means a lot ♥ xo

  5. That sounds super scary! Thankfully someone noticed it (who is outside at 1am?) So amazing to have such helpful neighbours! Glad it didn’t reach your house and was contained. Did they advise how it started? I suspect a cigarette…

    1. Well, the people who noticed it were walking with their dog. But 1am also seems late for walking with a dog! Well, someone put the hedge on fire on purpose. We were probably randomly chosen, but it was on purpose..

  6. Wow, that’s so scary 🙁 but very nice of you to help out. I know the town and everyone else appreciated it. Glad you and your sister are okay❤

    WordPress is so silly I was following you and now it’s saying im not ?? I will try again🙄

    1. Well, the fire was by our house, so we had to defend our house! We appreciated the help from the neighbors and other people who walked by. I haven’t seen that you’re following me yet. That’s weird.. xo

  7. Omg that’s so scary!! Who would ever do something like that!! Makes me so angry. I’m glad to hear you got a lot of help and that you all are fine. I hope they sooner or later will find out who did this. They should lock in that person/persons and throw the keys away!

  8. Oh my gosh Anne, that’s crazy and definitely scary! I know for sure panic would run right through me if I was in that situation too (therefore VERY suiting title) but wow. Firstly so glad no one was hurt during it, fires are terrifying because you never know how far or how big they can extend but like I said so happy that no one was hurt in the midst of all of it. But on the nicer side, it’s pleasant to hear how helpful people are- and that there are good souls out there! Sending love to you and your family!

    xo, JJ

  9. Oh Anne, I am sending you and all involved much LOVE and LIGHT. Please know that you can take very kind and gentle care of yourself. <3 Thank you for sharing. So glad to know you on wordpress (and instagram and Facebook 🙂 )
    Many blessings, and love,

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