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My necklaces collection!

Necklaces 11

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! First of all, I want to wish you a Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy these days off!! Second of all, I will be showing you my necklaces collection today! I saw that a couple of you wanted to see my jewelry collection and I finally got the time to do it! So I hope you’ll enjoy!

I will say that I have more necklaces than I will show you today, but that are all necklaces I wear never!! So I will actually only show the pretty ones today! Don’t forget to mention in the comments below which necklace you like the most. I will number them so it will be easier for you to mention which one you like!

Necklaces 02

  1. Primark ~ This is a double golden necklace. It has a little with stone on one of the strings and a golden, round pendant with the letter A on it on the other string.

Necklaces 01

2. I won this necklace on a Michael Jackson Event I went to. I have been a big fan of MJ, I still am a bit, and I went to these events where a lot of fans come together. There was also a lottery and that’s where I won this necklace!

Necklaces 05

3. Primark ~ Isn’t this one cute? It is a golden necklace with a heart on the middle. I love wearing this one with a high neck T-shirt/dress. It looks just so cute!

Necklaces 04

4. Primark ~ This one is super cute for the spring time! It is silver with some pink and white accents. I also have a matching bracelet which will look so good together with a spring outfit!

Necklaces 10

5. Primark ~ I only bought this cute silver necklace a week ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since! It was hard to photograph so unfortunately you can’t see the prettiness that well, but if you have the change, pick this one up at Primark!

Necklaces 07

6. Primark ~ This is a golden necklace with some blue/green details. It is lovely, eventhough I haven’t worn this super much!

Necklaces 08

7. Primark ~ This picture has too much light, ugh, but it is a super pretty necklace for the spring/summer. It is a golden necklace with some silver and pink details. Super cute!

Necklaces 06

8. Primark ~ Ahh another necklaces which is cute for spring. It is a golden necklace with baby blue and baby pink flowers. It is super cute with a pink dress!

Necklaces 11

9. Stradivarius ~ This is one necklace with 3 strings. It is a silver necklace with pink/white feathers and the upper string has a bit of white too! I bought this one in Italy and it has been a great souvenir!

Necklaces 09

10. Primark ~ I have this necklace for such a long time now! But it’s a bit annoying because it’s so big. I love this one it’s great when I want to do something a bit different with my outfit!

Necklaces 03

11. Primark ~ This was probably my first statement necklace. I bought this together with a dress, which I also still have, and it looked too pretty together!

So this was my necklace collection, as I said I have a couple more necklaces but I do not wear them at all! These are my favorite necklaces:

Necklaces 02Necklaces 10Necklaces 11

While writing/making this post, I found out that almost ALL my necklaces are from Primark haha. They are just so cheap overthere and I love all the Primark jewelry. I also found out that photographing jewelry is really hard. Most of my pictures had too much light so it was hard to see the colors of the necklaces.

Although, I hope you like this blogpost. Make sure to mention below which necklace you like the most!

Wish you all a happy Easter! Much love, Anne ♥


17 thoughts on “My necklaces collection!

  1. Happy Easter Anne <3
    I love this post and I love your necklaces. I definitely would wear them all, but these which I have numbered I think I would wear the most: 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11.
    You are a very stylish girl, you have an great eye for fashion and beauty. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 x

  2. Beautiful and fun necklaces you got! I’m a huge fan myself and a necklaces and I love how a necklace can help to complete a look! The ones I like more, personally, are the ones you got from Primark nr5 and 6!

  3. Oh gosh you have so many necklaces, I started listing out all the ones I loved and then I realized I was literally just naming them all lol I’m a huge fan of the thick bulky ones, I’ve always loved big flashy jewelry where it really makes a statement. Or like if I’m wearing something plain or my usual all black every thing the big necklaces just dress it up so much, no effort required 🙂

    xo, JJ

  4. Such pretty necklaces!! I’m a big fan of numbers 1 and 3, just cause I like little cute necklaces XD I don’t feel like I can pull off statement necklaces. I wear a lot of patterned and colourful stuff, so I feel like it’d be overkill 🙂

      1. Graag gedaan :D! Die van Brussel is gewoon altijd druk!! Echt altijd. En op sommige momenten loop je in een rijtje achter elkaar. Maar voor die prijzen heb je het er wel voor over denk ik! Al de rest is zo duur in België… xoxo Sarah

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