Pros & Cons: Living in The Netherlands ♥

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! As some of you may know, I live in The Netherlands and today I will be sharing the pros and cons of living in the country. So if you’re interested, definitely keep on reading!

Since Jenny did a blogpost about the pros and cons of life in Boston, I really liked the idea of doing a list for The Netherlands. I feel like a lot of you don’t know much about The Netherlands and I just like to give you a bit more information. I also share my opinion about a couple of things in The Netherlands. So if you do not agree with some of the things I will say, please don’t feel offended!


  1. We have beautiful cities

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague, you know what I mean. I just love to be in these big cities. Not only for the shopping, which is great too, but the feeling of being in these beautiful cities is just amazing!

Pros and cons 03


2. We speak quite a unique language

Our native language is Dutch and it’s only spoken in the countries which are orange in the picture above. I actually like that our language is so unique. It is a difficult language for foreigners to learn, especially the letter G is hard to pronounce for some people. Because or language is so unique, we get to learn a lot of other languages at school. For example, we already learn to speak English at the age of 8. When we are 12, we learn French and German in school. We can also choose to learn Spanish in school when we are older. I actually like to speak several languages, that’s why I had to mention this in my pro-list!

Pros and cons 04.jpg


3. We can travel relatively quick to other countries

I spoke to several people who live in the US, who have never been to another country before. When you live in The Netherlands, you have to drive at least(!) 3 hours to be in another country. For example, I live on the east side of The Netherlands, and I only have to travel 10/15 minutes to be in Germany!


4. There are a lot of great places to eat sushi

I just had to add this one to the list. In the nearest city to me, there are already 3 great restaurants for sushi. Sushi is a hype over here, so there are more and more sushi-restaurants popping up in the bigger cities!!


Pros and cons 05

  1. It rains A LOT

Every time when my make-up is on fleek and I’m going outside, it is starting to rain. So annoying. The weather is also very unpredictable in here. One year it snows in April and the other year it looks like summer in April. But yeah, it rains the most of the time. If you ever go to The Netherlands, don’t forget your umbrella!

ABH Review 07

2. A lot of cool American make-upbrands are hard to get here

I’m dying to buy something from Too Faced, Colourpop, Tarte, Covergirl, Juvias Place or Anastasia Beverlyhills. Yes, I’ve got the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, but that was not super easy to get. On the other hand, we’ve got the brands Essence and Catrice overhere, which are hard to get in the US. (lol I heard that, is that true?)

Pros and cons 06


3. Being normal is a standard

There is this saying over here: Doe maar normaal, dan ben je al gek genoeg. Which means: If you are being normal, you’re already crazy enough. This bothers me a little bit because when you do something other than the ‘big crowd’, people already think you are weird. I think everyone needs to be theirselfs and need to express theirself, even though that is not ‘normal’.

Pros and cons 07


4. We are limited

Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic lol, I didn’t mean to. But I’ve heard a lot about ‘The American Dream’ where you can be whoever or whatever you want if you work hard enough. We can achieve a lot overhere in The Netherlands, don’t get me wrong. But there is always an end. You can’t endless grow in for example your job. If you have a job, you can get promoted, ofcourse, but there is an end. I hope you understand what I try to say over here. We do can achieve whatever we wan’t with working hard, but there is always an end. And if you want to do more, you can go to a foreign country or something but in The Netherlands, you will not grow until forever!


I really hope you liked this blogpost. I love living in The Netherlands, even though I can admire countries like the USA where the sky is the limit and where you can buy amazing make-upbrands. I hope I got to learn you something about my country. If you’d like to see a part 2 on this or if you like to see a pros and cons: living in a small town, please comment it down below.

Thank you for reading, Anne ♥


43 thoughts on “Pros & Cons: Living in The Netherlands ♥

  1. Interesting post!
    I would add that I noticed Dutch people tend to be more open to listen or getting to know people parts of the world. It is strange but I always heard that European people tend to feel more free to be who they want to be compared to people from other parts of the world.
    Though there is this ‘American dream’, I am not sure if everyone feel so free to be and grow as much as they want to. There are also communities where this is not the case, but an American may be more accurate on describing so. I guess this must be true for job opportunities, in a capitalist country people can get exponentially rich whereas in Europe there are high taxes. I found several Americans living in Europe to live they wanted because they didn’t feel they’d do it there…
    Here in Peru, Essence and Catrice entered to the market almost 4 years ago, recently The Balm and NYX or people asks friends to bring some products from USA. Covergirl was in Belgium in a supermarket, but Max Factor left it. We didn’t have other brands that I did find in Amsterdam. Strange enough, I missed some small brands or Nordic/British brands over here from which people haven’t even heard in Peru. Maybe I should’ve started a blog to talk about it, never dare 😛
    I think publicity plays a big role here, they make you want products from which you may find similar ones in your own country with a better pay-off or price…I wonder, raining so much perhaps there are Dutch brands that create great water-proof products or arent they? Oh wrote almost a post. Keep up the good work Anne! :*

    1. Ohh, hi Lee. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on us Dutch people and on our country. It was definitely so much fun and so interesting to read! I will totally encourage you to start a blog haha, I will support you as much as you support me! Unfortunately, there are not super good waterproof makeupproducts over here. Only the waterproof mascara’s are great over here! Thank you for all your love and support, you are a lovely friend! xo

  2. Hey Anne, leuke post!!! We have the same cons in Belgium, but I’d also add, everything is closed so early… Especially in the villages… You get off work and everything is closed. So depressing! xoxo Sarah

  3. Loved reading this! I have yet to visit the Netherlands, but I’ve been to some other European countries and am so envious you guys can just hop on a train and be in another country so quickly! Beautiful pics!

  4. Hi, I loved reading this list and learned a lot. Learning all of the languages is a great skill and major life advantage that Americans don’t really support. You got the consumerism/shopping part right, you can buy anything in the states and it is America’s number 1 pastime!
    I understand your meaning about being limited, but people are limited here too, the “American Dream” isn’t really available for everyone.
    Great job on this interesting post, Amsterdam looks beautiful.

    1. Yes, I was talking to this American girl and she said Americans overall speak only English. I totally get that, because like half of the world can speak English, but it would be great if they would encourage the people more to speak another language! It’s just so great to speak another language, to understand what people from a different country are saying! I’m so jealous on you, that you can buy everything easily, haha! Oh and about that ‘American Dream’, we always get to hear amazing things about it and we see those movies where everythings perfect. So maybe it’s overrated here I don’t know, but thank you for sharing your thoughts! xo

  5. This is a great post, Anne! I so appreciate you. 🙂 What a neat blog. Maybe you’ll do some traveling & start posting about that! Lots of love and have a beautiful week.
    ps – thanks for your contributions to Forgiving Fridays on Intagram – it was awesome!

  6. Ooh I love this post. I love Amsterdam so much but have yet to explore other parts of the Netherlands. How amazing that you can speak so many languages, you must be very smart! You’re so lucky you had the opportunity to learn these languages, at school we had language lessons but none of them were ever taken very seriously. I’m trying to learn Spanish but no where near fluent yet, one day though! Also when I went to Amsterdam the shops had loads of cool makeup I was so excited, you had an ABH and Burberry!! Buut the ABH I saw only had the eyebrow products, nothing else which was a little disappointing. Also it’s so cool how you can drive so easily to different countries, lucky girl. Where have you been? x

    1. Ahw, thank you so much girl! Other parts of NL are nice, but not all of it. I think The Hague is a must visit for foreigners too! That is where our government takes place. It’s a beautiful city, mixed of old & new parts. Oh, and it’s great for shopping too! Spanish seems just like such a hard to me. I actually never go to Spain (or another Spanish-speaking country), so I also never hear that language. I’d love to learn Italian tho. That’s a country we actually visit every year on our summer holidays! Yes and you’re so right about the ABH stuff, only eyebrow products :-(. I’ve been to Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain (1 time when I was young), Italy, Croatia and England. What about you? xo

      1. You’re welcome hun! The Hague, I’ve never heard of that place I shall research it 🙂 I bet its a very interesting and exciting place if its where the governments located! Oh I love Spain! Yes Italian would be amazing to learn! You’re so blessed to go to Italy every year, where abouts do you go? I know its so random I was looking for the glow kits but all they had was brows! Amazing you’ve been to so many places! I’d love to go to Croatia, was it beautiful?? And Austria too! I’ve been to Spain, France, Belgium, Greece and Amsterdam in Europe! This year I am going to Italy, Switzerland and Germany!! So excited xx

        1. I go to the gardalake. That is a really touristic place, it is so beautiful and hot! I was really young when I went to Croatia, so I can’t remember a lot. The only thing I remember is that is was too hot. Oh, and Croatia isn’t a super rich country so you could definitely see that! Where in Italy, Switzerland and Germany are you going to? xo

  7. I am so thrilled with did a post like this for your city! They really are so informative especially for people like myself who haven’t really had the opportunity to travel outside of the country! Despite all the rain I would love to visit just to see and explore….I’m also totally sold on all the sushi! I also love all the languages you guys learn, it’s so impressive and highly useful in the long run! Now I need your favorite places list 🙂

    xo, JJ

    1. Haha, thank you for your lovely commen. I always love reading posts like this and I really wanted to make one for my blog! Do you want a favorite places of NL list? Well, I’ll probably make that in a few weeks/months. xo

  8. My old boss was from South Africa and she spoke Dutch – such an interesting language! We only learn English and French here but I wished we learned more – we can choose to learn Spanish or German in school but they’re optional.
    I never considered that it rains a lot in The Netherlands – good to know. I like the rain. 🙂
    Essence is relatively easy to get in the US, but not Catrice. 😛 I’m in Canada but that’s what I’ve observed. There are lots of American brands we can’t get in Canada and we’re literally attached to the US! 😛
    That’s an interesting concept about being limited. I think it’s similar like that here in Canada. For anyone wanting to “make it big”, they normally go to the US. We call it the “brain drain” which is when we lose talent to America because they have such vast (but I think extreme) opportunities. I’m not a communist, but I feel that the outlandish wealth in America comes at a big cost – there are lots of extreme poverty, when it’s entirely avoidable. Why can’t more number of people live above the poverty line instead of having extremely wealthy people? I’d rather have more normalized / equal opportunities. It may feel limited but there’s some comfort in that zone. 🙂

    1. Oh really? That is so cool! But Dutch in South Africa comparing the Dutch in The Netherlands is such a difference! But it has got some comparisons!! Uhh, that is so annoying. I thought Canada could take advantage of the USA with the make-upproducts and the ‘making it big’-issue. But I might have been a bit wrong with that!! We are a country that fully helps the poor people. ‘Rich’ people pay high taxes to support the poor people. This might be a little unfair for the richer people, because the ‘poor’ people are sometimes not honest about their income. xo

  9. Hey there Anne, what an amazing article!! I really enjoyed reading about life in The Netherlands! I live in Portugal, so I really do get the “being limited” situation. I think we’re even worse than you when it comes to that. Lovely post!! Oh, and I love Catrisse and Essence, they’re so affordable! xx

    1. Thank you so much! I actually don’t know much about Portugal, only that it’s really hot in there. You might be even worse, I actually think that too, but I’m not sure haha. Essence and Catrice, especially Catrice, are definitely my favorite low-budget brands! xo

  10. You live in a beautiful country! I spent one month (years ago) in Amsterdam and I was in love with the city. But of course…one thing is to live and another in to visit, different eyes! I´m from Portugal, easy and beautiful country but I always felt a bit “limited”…and now I live in Boston ( love it, just not the snow storms). Great post my dear! Xo Ines

    1. Amsterdam is amazing, glad you love it too! I totally get it, when I visit another county, I probably only go to touristic things so I won’t see the ‘real’ life things, if you know what it means. Boston seems like such an amazing city, I’d love to visit it sometime! xo

  11. Hey, great post! I’ve been the the Netherlands once before and I am hoping to go soon again! Although the dutch that is spoken in South Africa is a bit different to the dutch spoken in the Netherlands. no? They speak Afrikaans which is a version of dutch that has developed differently since the dutch settled there.

    If you have time, read my latest blog post about my Taro sushi bar review at https://tootinghustle.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/taro-sushi-bar-in-review/ and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x

    1. I know they speak African but that’s a variation on the Dutch language, just as you say. But that’s a really long story to explain and I think it’s already enough to tell that they do speak a language that is similar to Dutch!

  12. Great list! I have always wanted to go to the Nederlands but haven’t got the chance yet.
    I was always amazed by the Dutch I met when travelling that they could speak so many languages, so well, even at a young age. Being from England, everyone I know just speaks English… I love languages though so I am an odd one.
    It also rains a lot here too so I know where you are coming from. Luckily I don’t do well in hot weather, so I don’t particularly mind when our summer only lasts a week 😉

    1. You should definitely come! Or bigger cities are amazing but the other parts aren’t actually super fun, haha. We learn a lot of languages at school because it is important for our country that we do speak them. English is one of the most important languages so I understand that the English people focus on teaching other things than languages in school. Totally get you with that. I’m used to colder/rainy weather so I also can’t handle more than 1 week of warm weather :’)

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