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Shoppingtrip to Essen + Mini Shoplog

Essen 01.png

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog!! I have a break from school this week so I went to Essen (Germany) with my sister for a shopping trip last Monday! There is a mini shoplog on the end of this blogpost!

So before I want to start with this blogpost, I want to say that I thought that I had made a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I made almost all of them on Snapchat so I couldn’t find them anymore today! I had only a couple left so this will not be an extremely long blogpost! :’)

So I’ll start with a little map so a lot of you can see where Essen is. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people where The Netherlands is or where different places which I visited are. So here is a little map:

Essen 02.png

Now you know where Essen is, I can tell you more about my day.

So my sister and I arrived at 12 pm in Essen after an 1,5 hour drive on the German Autobahn (=really fast highway). It was the first time for me driving on the German Autobahn alone so it was a bit exciting for me. Essen is kind of a big city so it was also a challenge to find the parking garage. But we found it and the fun began.

We bought some breads at a bakery, ate it and went straight to Starbucks. Girl, I needed my coffee after such a long exhausting drive. (that was sarcastic, if you didn’t got it but I did actually needed coffee)

Essen 03Essen 04

Look at all those delicious treats! We were strong that day so we only bought a coffee. I got a Caramel Frappuccino (as usual) and my sister got a latte macchiato with vanilla! After drinking our coffee, the shopping could finally begin!

We went to a big shopping mall called ‘Limbecker Platz‘ where you find the most amazing shops. Unfortunately, it was that time of the year I couldn’t find anything nice (booh) so we ended up being in a massage chair for 20 minutes!

When we finally got the strenght to stand up, we did another walk through the mall, and we finally found our favorite drugstore: DM. I was strong again and I didn’t buy anything, eventhough it was a make-up heaven!

Essen 05

When we came out, we found this little manicure stand. So we decided to get a manicure done and some nail polish on our finger nails. BIG MISTAKE. The girls who did this were so rough and unhygienic, oh and the nailpolish was really ugly and allover my fingers, so I didn’t make a picture haha!

We decided to get something to drink and then go to Primark. This was fun because I finally found some cute clothes, of course they didn’t fit well so I didn’t buy it, but Primark was fun! I actually did buy a beautiful scarf which you will see in a minute!!

At the end of the day, we went to Extrablatt to get some dinner and that was delicious. We had some garlic bread as a starter. As a main course we shared mozzarella sticks, french fries and little pieces of pizza! Delicious. Unfortunately, I only made some pictures on snapchat. After that we went home.

My sister and I had a lovely day in Essen and we will be doing a shopping trip like this soon again!


Essen 06.png

So this is actually all I bought, except for the food! I bought this beautiful Bulaggi bag at TK Maxx. I was looking for a new bag for ages and when I saw this bag, it was love at the first sight! It is a grey bag with some little silver details. I also bought a scarf at Primark. It is a light grey scarf with some silver feathers on it. I’m also totally in love with that one!

I really hope you liked this post. It was a little bit of a different post than I usually do. I have the feeling that I normally write less and add more pictures. Tell me what you think about this post!

Lots of love, Anne ♥


23 thoughts on “Shoppingtrip to Essen + Mini Shoplog

  1. LOL I love that you added the map. I needed that, it helps me visualize much better! And don’t you hate that; when you’re ready to get your shopping on and it just so happens that you don’t find anything you like! I guess in retrospect its great since you get to save your money instead! Although I do love that purse- its the perfect color and size and will go with just about anything! And I love the scarf for the feather print good ol Primark, at least you walked away with something!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Haha, glad you liked that!! I hate it a lot! I drove 1,5 hours for like nothing because I really need some new clothes! I only have 1 tanktop for summer and only like 3 shorts. So when it will be hot (I hope soon), I won’t have anything to wear 🙁 Oh and I’m still super in love with that bag. I was desperately searching for one and I finally found the perfect bag!! xo

  2. I love this post 🙂 I was starting to feel really sad for you as you weren’t buying anything. You were just so strong! I am pleased you finally bought the bag and scarf, they are divine. Glad you enjoyed your dinner too. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂

  3. Sounds like such a good visit to Essen! I’ve not heard of Essen so it’s great to learn about a new place. 🙂
    You were really strong to not buy anything at DM! I would have gone crazy, myself. 😛
    So sorry to hear about the manicure experience – yuck!
    The purse you scored at TKMaxx looks lovely – very roomy looking to fit everything! I love the colour grey for purses.

    1. I’m so happy I bought that purse. It is just the perfect size for work, a shopping day or just a dinner night. Oh and glad you liked seeing my blogpost. I always love to learn people just a little bit about the places I go! xo

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