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(source) Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!!! Tonight is the final of the Eurovision Songcontest 2017 and I will show you my top 10 countries/performances of the night. These are my favorite songs of the whole contest and ofcourse I hope that nr. 1 will win!

If you’re not familiar with the Eurovision Songcontest is, I will explain it a little bit!

  • The Eurovision Songcontest is a contest which is hosted every year. All European countries (+ some other countries near Europe) send a singer/band who make a song especially for this contest.
  • Because there are so many countries, there are 2 semi-finals and one final show.
  • There will win one country, this country will be the host of next years’ songcontest.
  • All European people can vote for their favorite country (not their own country) and all countries give 1 to 12 points to other countries.
  • Some famous artists who participated at the songcontest in the past are ABBA and Celine Dion.

I hope you understand a little bit more about this songcontest. If you want to know more about it, I suggest to google it!

So with some information about the contest now, we can finally start with my top 10 performances/countries!!

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Don’t feel offended if I haven’t mentioned your country. It’s just what I think, this will probably not be the official results of the contest!

10. Austria: Nathan Trent – Running on Air

I really like this song, it’s not a super special one but it’s fun to listen to! The only down part about the artist is that he wasn’t singing well at the semi-finals! But he’s cute anyways!

9. Poland: Kasia Mos – Flashlight

This woman is such a great singer. She did such a great job at the semi-finals! I’m not super into the song but I think she definitely deserves a place in my top-10!

8. Norway: JOWST – Grab The Moment

I think this song is very special and very different to the other acts. The singer is fine. There is not much happening in the performance but I don’t mind, I like that it’s so unique!

7. Italy: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

Everybody loves this song. The official bookmakers expects this song to be nr. 1 or 2 but I actually don’t like it that much. I’m sorry Italians but I think the singer is a bit annoying. I think it’s cool that they’re doing it in their own language tho!

6. Israel: IMRI – I feel alive

The guy is cute. Haha no that’s not the only reason why this is my nr. 6, lol! I really like this modern song! His accent is very strong but I actually think it’s cute! But he’s a good singer and I love the overall performance!

5. Moldova: Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma

This song makes me so happy! I added the live version of it because I like it more than the videoclip, but the artist sings it actually good! Oh and that dancing and the outfits of the backing vocals, so cool! I guess this song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

4. Romania: Ilinca ft Alex Florea – Yodel it!

Okay, I’m totally into the fun/happy songs! I’ve been yodeling ever since I heard this song (and trust me, I can’t yodel so everyone in the house is getting super annoyed, haha!) I think Romania send a great act this year and I totally expect them to be in the top 10 this year!

3. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I can’t go on

This song also has been stuck in my head, which is a good thing! I really like the good-looking guy and the song is much fun and super modern. I think he will be 3rd or 4th, I don’t know. I think Sweden did another great job with picking the artist!

2. The Netherlands: O’G3NE – Lights and Shadows

Okay, I think our girls will (unfortunately) not be ranked so high, but I think they totally deserve it. I added the live version so you can hear how incredibly good they sing together. Really, especially those parts where they sing all together at different heights (is that the correct word?). If you are still reading this blogpost, please check O’G3NE out on youtube, they have much more great performances!

1. Portugal: Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

I don’t understand a word this guy sings, but it totally reaches me. He has some heart-disorder or something and he wrote this song with his sister. I don’t know his whole story but isn’t he just great? I think he is so unique and I totally support countries singing in their own beautiful language! He also reaches all the high/difficult notes so that’s great too. I hope Portugal wins!!

So that’s all for today! I hope you liked reading this post. I’m really curious if you’re going to watch (of if you watched) the songcontest and what your favorite songs are! Let me know it he comments below. Let me also know if you’ve ever heard from the songcontest and what you think of it (if you’re not European!)

Lots of love, Anne ♥



31 thoughts on “Eurovision 2017 ♥ My top 10

  1. Eeek I haven’t watched any Eurovision yet, but I’m so excited for the final tonight. I love seeing where everyone ranks at the end. Obviously I hope England win, but that’s very unlikely as we never do so I’ll take your lead and root for Holland or Portugal. I will definitely check out OG3ne on youtube 🙂

    1. Really? I wasnt super into it before but I’ve seen it many times now. This year I got really into it and I saw a lot of countries perform. I think the UK has a good song but it’s not super special. (I’m sorry) You guys have great artists, I understand that not all of them want to go, but that’s a bit sad. And I totally get what you mean by Holland haha, that’s another name for our country 🙂 xo

      1. Yessss your faves won! Haha its okay, I think we’re always a little too plain for Eurovision. Great talent, wrong competition lol. Ah is it? I thought it was but then I googled it and it said there was a difference, but I’ll take your word for it over googles as you are actually from the Netherlands! xx

        1. YES, haha. Unfortunately my country didn`t end in the top 10 (11th). I actually liked your country`s song after all! The girl sung great live! But yes, I think Eurovision is not the best platform for every artist. As good as our country and your country`s artist sung, the `fun songs` or people with a sad story always win!

          1. Neither did mine haha. Where did you place? I think this year was our highest placing in years!! Yes she is very talented. I agree with you completely!!!

          2. We ended up being 11th. The countries voted for us nr. 5th, but we only got like 15 point from the televoters, so that’s why we ended up ‘low’. I hope to hear more music from that girl, her name was Lucy Jones, right? Does she has any hits? 🙂

          3. Ohhh 11th is still good, you ranked a few spaces higher than us!! Yes Lucy Jones. I have to be honest with you, I don’t know much about her. If she wasn’t on Eurovision I wouldn’t know who she is but my sister did remind me she was on X Factor a long time ago:)

  2. Well, you were right! I’m portuguese and it was so exciting for us to win! And with such a beautiful song! The song is basically he telling someone (who doesn’t love him anymore) that he can love for both of them, and begging for this person to want him again. Of course it has a lot more, but resumed is that. Beautiful lyrics, and with such a strong performance. Thank you for your suport! Xoxo

      1. Thank you so much! I never thought I would be so thrilled for this win! But I really liked that so many people was emotional touched by this song, as we were. I didn’t liked is atitude in the final interview though, it sounded a little snoby. But wtv. 😛
        I hope you liked the lyrics! 😀

        1. Oh, I haven’t seen that anymore. I actually thought he was acting a bit strange all the time. Like he was uncomfortable or something? Well, I think it’s a great winner and I hope next year’s contest will be great in Portugal!

          1. Yeah, Eurovision is not his type of platform for sure, he’s a low profile artist, and interviews and PR is not is thing for sure. And he was clearly uncomfortable with all the atention, but I guess is just is personality, and has he’s so genuine, sometimes it comes across as a bit too much, like he has no filter in what he says! Ahah
            But I really think he deserved it, and was the best to represent our country. Just hope that for next year we have a good artist again, who really loves music, and not some goofy one, as we had in the past! 😛
            I hope we can give a great contest next year to everyone! 😀

  3. I can’t believe I had no idea what this was until you told me!!!! I had no idea that this is how Celine Dion and Abba got their fame, thats a cool little fun fact! I wonder if this is similar to “American Idol” here in the USA? Have you heard of that show? Ever since you mentioned Eurovision, I’ve been seeing people tweet and post about it more and more! Can’t wait to see who wins it all!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. It’s a bit like American Idol but than for all the countries of Europe! We, in Europe, have these shows who are almost exactly the same as American Idols, but the Eurovision is like the biggest thing of the year! Portugal won it, the finale was already on Saturday! I liked that song the most (it’s my nr 1) Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the top 10. Our girls ended at 11th but they did a great job! xo

    1. Yes you’re totally true! All those countries who need something from other countries, give 12 point to eachother. I actually hoped that Belgium did the same to The Netherlands, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any points from Belgium at all!

  4. Wow, Anne – what a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!! I had no idea. 🙂
    Listened to the Portugal one. It is truly touching …. like a work of art.
    Sending you BIG smiles. Very cool. Love and blessings to you, Anne.

    1. I’ve heard from a lot of not-Europeans that they had never about it before! So cool I could tell this to all of them, and to you! Glad you learned something about it! Lot’s of big smiles back to you!!

    1. Glad you like it. This is actually not what we listen to everyday. I personally listen to these songs only around the time around the Eurovision. I have to say that 50% of the music I listen to is from American singers!!

      1. ook niet echt mijn ding… Ik had haar helemaal niet op de 4e plaats verwacht. Maar ben wel blij dat België de laatste jaren goed scoort… Maar Ogene vond ik echt prachtig!! xoxo Sarah

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