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Top 10 cities I’ve been ♥ (+ citytrip tips)

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(source) Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Great that you’re reading this! Today, I’d like to share the top 10 cities I’ve ever been! I saw Absolutely Olivia doing something like this and it really gave me inspiration to do something similar!

I really hope you enjoy this blogpost. These cities are all in Europe, because I never traveled outside of this continent. So I hope I can give you a little inspiration for you next citytrip in Europe!

So the title of this blogpost is ‘Top 10’, but I actually couldn’t make a correct order because I love these cities all so much. But I will just show you the 10 cities I love!!

BERLIN (Germany)

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Almost 2 years ago I went to Berlin with school. I loved the city and I still do. I really want to visit the city again. The city has a great history of both World Wars so there is a lot to discover about that. We saw a lot of historical things in Berlin like the Berlin Wall, Brandenburger Tor (picture), Reichstag (parliament building) and a concentration camp near Berlin. We also went to Madame Tussauds and Tropical Island. If you ever go to Berlin, visit Tropical Island. It’s the biggest indoor (tropical) swimming paradise of Europe! Berlin is also great for shopping, but I haven’t done that much in Berlin.

MUNICH (Germany)

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I have to admit, I have been to Munich twice when I was younger. I can remember that I loved the city and that we went shopping there! Nowadays, we only drive past Munich when we go on a holiday to Italy or Austria. When we pass Munich, it always gives such a great feeling. The highway is really cool there. It’s really big, maybe one of the biggest in Europe, because Munich is a super central city! Another great thing about the highway is; you can drive as fast as you want/can over there! Overall, I’d also love to visit Munich once again to really get to know the city!

MUENSTER (Germany)

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Muenster is not a super famous city in Germany, but I love it. It’s only 1 hour away from my home so it’s easy for me to go there. I especially love to visit the city in the Christmas period. There are a lot of Christmas Markets in Muenster around that time! I also love to visit the city just for shopping. I have to say, I don’t know really touristic places in Muenster but you definitely need to see the Council House of Muenster. I just love the look of that building!

London (United Kingdom)

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It was already more than 3,5 years ago that I went to London and oh I really want to go back! I was much younger when I went there and in my opinion I haven’t see everything yet. I’ve been to Camden Town (which was my favorite place), London Eye, Buckingham Palace and I saw the Tower Bridge and Big Ben! I also went to Oxford Street for shopping and some other places! London is great for shopping and I would love to go back soon!

VERONA (Italy)

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We go to Italy in the summer holidays almost every year and when we do, I’d also love to visit a city (for shopping of course). I’ve been to Verona, I think, 3 times now and I’m in love with the city. It is great for shopping and I just think the city looks beautiful. If you go to Verona, make sure to check out Via Giuseppe Mazzini. That is a street and there a so many great shops over there. If you love shopping, definitely check that out!

MILAN (Italy)

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Almost 3,5 years ago I went to Milan and I loved it. It was super hot in the city but that didn’t bother me of enjoying the city a lot. I have only been there for a half day, but that was already enough to love it! I remember going to Piazza del Duomo (Dom Square) and it was super busy that day. It was literally one of the most beautiful squares I’ve ever been. (is that a weird thing to say?) The Milan Cathedral is also at the square and that building is so beautiful. I read that it is one of the biggest cathedrals in the world! I’m not super into visiting cathedrals and churches, but I’d love to see that place again!

AMSTERDAM (The Netherlands)


Our lovely Amsterdam also needs to be on this list! Man, I love this city. I’ve been there a lot actually, it’s only 2 hours by train and I love to go there for a shopping day. The best streets for shopping are: Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk and Leidsestraat. If you want to see a bit of our culture, history or other touristic places, you need to go to the Anne Frank House, The Dam Square, The Amsterdam Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, Artis (Zoo), Rijksmuseum and/or The Albert Cuijp Market (also for shopping)!

THE HAGUE (The Netherlands)

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Another city in my country. I’ve been actually on a city trip to The Hague last summer and I had the best time! Our government is placed in this city so there are a couple of highlights in this city to see. A must see in the city is Binnenhof, that is actually where you can see the parliament buildings and all the history! Other places you need to see are: Chinatown, Madurodam (a lot of famous buildings/places are built in miniatures overhere) and Scheveningen. Scheveningen is a district of The Hague which is at the sea. It’s a super touristic place but great if you really want that beach-holiday. I love Scheveningen and I love to visit it in the summer!

PARIS (France)

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I can’t miss Paris when I’m talking about my favorite cities. I was a lot younger when I visited the city, but of course I can remember how it was! I remember that I was scared of heights, so when we where in the Eiffel Tower, I was super afraid! But the view was amazing, so it was totally worth it! I also can remember that we discovered the city by bike, which was great because you could go to the cool things really quick! I also saw The Arc de Triomphe, Tour Montparnasse, Sacré-Cœur and a boat trip on the Seine. Oh, and I’ve been to Disneyland, that was a great experience too!

ANTWERP (Belgium)

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Antwerp is such a beautiful city. I have been there not too long ago and that was an amazing trip. I have been there for shopping, of course, and trust me, it’s a great city to shop! The Meir is in my opinion the best street to shop! I also think the city is really fun because there are a lot of great restaurants to eat and their terraces are super fun too! Antwerp also has a great history, so there will probably be a lot of great historical places to visit. Unfortunately, I haven’t visited them. In the picture above you see a fountain with a statue on it. The person in the statue is throwing hands, if you translate that into Dutch, it’s called handwerpen. So you might see where the city got it’s name from!

So I really really hope that you liked this (super long) blogpost. I would like to know if you have visited any of the cities I mentioned and what you like the most about it! Also leave some suggestions about which city/cities I need to visit next. (you can also mention cities out of Europe)

I hope to see you next time. Much love, Anne ♥


24 thoughts on “Top 10 cities I’ve been ♥ (+ citytrip tips)

  1. Oh, Anne, this is beautiful. WOW you are well traveled. <3

    Maybe someday you can visit Assisi, if you've never been there. It's beautiful and the home base for St. Francis!

    Much love, Debbie

  2. Munich, Berlijn en Milaan staan zeker ook nog op mijn lijstje!! Als je ooit nog eens naar België komt, Brugge en Gent moet je zeker ook gezien hebben. En oh, ik mag Leuven niet vergeten!! xoxo Sarah

    1. Jaa Berlijn is echt een must-go, wat een geweldige stad zeg! Ik wil ook zeker België meer gaan ontdekken. Ik vind het zo’n leuk land en jullie Nederlands met Vlaamse accent is echt geweldig om naar te luisteren!

  3. This is a great post- traveling is so important to me and I would love to see all the places you’ve been in Germany and Italy. I have an upcoming trip to Spain next month and can’t wait!

  4. Oh man I would so love to do a whole Euro trip and visit each and every one of these places. Rome and Paris are my first two choices but then followed by ALL the rest of them!

    xo, JJ

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