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Tutorial ♥ Everyday Make-up Look #2017

GRWM Everyday 17

Hello you, it’s so great to see you back at my blog! Today, I’m sharing my everyday make-uproutine. I haven’t done any make-uptutorials in a while now and I really missed it! It’s a lot of work to make one but it’s definitely worth it. So I really hope you like this post!

Before I start this blogpost, I have to tell you a couple of things:

  • I am not a make-upartist or anything similar to that, so I could be doing things ‘wrong‘. I teached myself to do make-up by watching YouTube video’s about it, and I actually think there is no ‘wrong‘ way of doing your make-up.
  • I don’t look great on all the pictures, haha. So don’t mind that. I just wanted to show you how things looked on my face and that doesn’t always make me look the best!
  • The products you will see, can be dirty. I use them everyday and no, I don’t have time to clean them lol.
  • Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips or lifehacks to do my make-up faster, so I can snooze for another 5 minutes in the morning!

So without any further ado, let’s start with the tutorial!

GRWM Everyday 02GRWM Everyday 01

First, I apply my daily moisturizer. I have one from Nivea for sensitive skin. Then I apply the NYX Pore Filler primer on the T-Zone (forehead, nose & chin) and on my cheeks. I do this with my fingers. I let that dry for about 2 minutes and than I start applying my foundation with a damp beauty sponge.

GRWM Everyday 04.pngGRWM Everyday 03

I start applying concealer. I use the lightest shade (005) under my eyes and on the top of my lip. I use the other shade (010) to cover up dark spots and redness. That’s on the sides of my nose and on my chin. Both concealers are the liquid camouflage concealers by Catrice.

GRWM Everyday 06GRWM Everyday 05

Okay lol, this is a really weird picture. Anyways, I bake my undereyes and nose with this translucent powder by essence. Baking means putting on a large amount of loose powder on parts of your face where your your face gets oily really quick. Then I’m going to do my eyebrows with the Absolute Matt palette by Catrice. You can see which colors I use the most, haha! I also put on my eyeshadowbase around this time.

GRWM Everyday 08GRWM Everyday 07

Now the fun part begins. I put some pressed powder all over my face and wipe off the excess translucent powder of the baking. Then I start to contour/bronze up my face. I do this under my cheekbones, under my jawline, on my forehead and on the sides of my nose. I also put on blush, this is my favorite one from catrice. The last step of my face make-up is putting on highlighter. I love to use the purple shade of the Sleek Solstice palette. I put it on top of my cheekbones, on my cupids bow, under my eyebrows and in the inner corner of my eyes.

GRWM Everyday 10.pngGRWM Everyday 09

I put on another eyeshadowlook everyday. Today I was feeling like a pink/purple look so I used this palette of catrice of the Nude Purism limited edition collection. I put the purple in my crease, the dark brown in the outer part of my eye and the pink color on my eyelid. I also added a little extra highlight in the inner corner of my eyes!

GRWM Everyday 12GRWM Everyday 11

I take a big fluffy face brush and I wipe off all the fall-out from the eyeshadow. I also blend in my whole face, especially the contour part. I don’t want to have weird brown stripes on my cheeks. I take this NYX setting spray and spray it all over my face!

GRWM Everyday 14GRWM Everyday 13

Around this time I really have to start rushing. I curl my lashes and put on some mascara. I also put a nude colored eyepencil in my waterline. This helps creating a more awake-look. I also put some eyebrowgel in my eyebrows, this helps my hairs to get it in the way I want!

GRWM Everyday 16GRWM Everyday 15

The last step is putting on some lipstick or any other lipproduct I prefer and I’m good to go! Today I used a MAC lipstick in the color FAUX!

GRWM Everyday 17GRWM Everyday 18

And this is the final look! When I’m really late, I can do this look in 10 minutes without putting on eyeshadow. But I have to say, I switch a couple of things up with this look. I use a different highlighter or a different blush. Or sometimes I make my eyebrows a bit lighter! It’s just what I’m in the mood for that day!

So I really hope you liked seeing my everyday make-uplook. I really enjoyed making this blogpost. Make sure to comment below what you think of it or maybe you have some tips for me to put on make-up faster in the morning. Let me know!

Much love & have a nice week. xo Anne ♥


38 thoughts on “Tutorial ♥ Everyday Make-up Look #2017

    1. Well, when I’m late I skip a lot of (non important) steps, but I don’t prefer to do that. That’s the only tip I can give you. Oh and practice it! When I have a day off, I practice doing my makeup quick! That really helps me! xo

  1. I always like to see how people do their makeup – just regular people, not makeup artists or whatever. I often get helpful tips from my peers! 🙂
    When you bake your under eye area, do you apply the powder with a sponge?
    This is a great everyday makeup look – looks effortless. 🙂

    1. I love that too, haha, eventhough I can appreciate watching MUA’s doing their work! I apply the powder with my damp beautyblender, just as I do with my foundation/concealer! Thank you for that compliment girl! xo

  2. Wow! I love this post. You look amazing. You really know how to apply make-up beautifully. You really have inspired me. I really must look into some of your products. A lot we don’t get here, but can source them online. Thanks so much for a lovely post.

  3. I’m so glad that you finally did a little tutorial yay!!! I love your little disclaimers at the beginning I’m the same way so no judgement whatsoever, but even for not being a make up artist yours still comes out super fab! And pfft you’re a beaut all natural too, the pictures you took are perfectly fine 🙂 I love the highlighter you use, I can never get mine to show that nicely through pictures like that! The hair twist/braid thing you did is super cute too! I might have to try something like that, anything to have my hair cute but out of my face ha well done love<3

    xo, JJ

    1. Ahh, Jenny, what a super nice & sweet comment. Totally made my day! I was actually really insecure about some of those pictures but you definitely made me feel better! I think you should really try out a fishtail braid in your hair sometime. Small or big, doesn’t matter but I think it will look really good on you tho! But you have to practice doing that, the first 20 times I tried to do this braid it went totally wrong haha! xo

      1. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to fishtail braid my hair which is crazy because I used to do it on my best friend all the time. I haven’t done it in a while I think I need to practice…. Maybe I’ll watch some youtube videos and practice lol It always looks so cool after its done! xoxoxo

  4. Mooie neutrale look! Tja, sneller.. Vroeger deed ik ook maar 5/10 min over mijn make-up, maar toen deed ik ook een stuk minder op haha. Nu is een kwartier snel en met een half uur kan ik lekker de tijd nemen. Als ‘t echt snel moet, skip ik stappen.

  5. Super naturelle look Anne!! Ik gebruik ook dat poeder van Essence en al zeker ook de Sleek Solstice pallet!!! Supergoede producten!! Zo te zien geniet je enorm van dat pallet van Catrice! Misschien moet ik die ook ooit eens oppikken :). xoxo Sarah

  6. Anne, you are adorable! What a great idea for a blog post. Thank you so much.
    Keep going with your expression. YOU are a gift.

    If you ever doubt yourself, know that I am giving you a BIG HUG.
    Loving, Debbie

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