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(source) Hey you, welcome back to my blog! Today I will tell you something about my Netflix obsession. Ever since I got it, I’ve been watching a couple (uhhum, a lot) of series and movies. I just like to share these with you and I hope you have some suggestions about series I can watch next! 

So let’s dive into this blogpost!

Pretty Little Liars

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Oehh, PLL. The first series I watched when I got Netflix. I had a lot of friends at school recommending this series so I had to watch it! The series is in the beginning about 4 girls which friends is missing and they get weird messages from a person called A. This person is kind of terrorizing their lifes because he/she knows a lot about the Liars. I really liked the first 2/3 seasons but after that it got sometimes a bit boring. But I definitely recommend this series if you like (girl-)drama series!

Gossip Girl

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It’s actually a while ago that I watched this series but this is one of my favorites of the list! It’s about these high class teenagers (at the beginning) who live on the Upper East Side in New York. There is this blogger called Gossip Girl who shares all the gossips about these teenagers. That causes a lot of trouble sometimes!

New Girl

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This is a super fun series! It’s about a girl named Jess, who’s moving into an apartment where she has 3 male-roommates. All these men have different personality’s and sometimes that will not all go together super well. Jess is a super girly girl so it’s super fun to watch how she and her roommates handle some situations!

Haters Back Off

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This is a Netflix Original series of the Youtube-sensation Miranda Sings. Miranda Sings is a weird girl who thinks that she is perfect. She also thinks that she sings well, which is definitely wrong. It’s just a hilarious character and it’s super fun to see the ‘story’ behind Youtube channel. Oh, and please don’t take everything seriously in this series, it’s made to be laughed at!

Gilmore Girls (& A Year In The Life)

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I love Gilmore Girls. It’s such a light show to watch! You can just put it on while making homework or doing your make-up and you actually won’t miss a thing. It’s about a mother (Lorelai) and a daughter (Rory) who live together and they ‘conquer’ all these difficulties like, Rory’s first love, Lorelai’s love life, issues with Lorelai’s parents, issues with Rory’s dad etc. Oh, and they live in a small town in Connecticut (Stars Hollow) and there are a lot of interaction with the other (weird) town-citizens!

Thirteen Reasons Why

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In my opinion, everyone who has Netflix and who is old enough to understand/handle this, should see this series. It’s about this girl, Hannah Baker, who killed herself. She left 13 tapes behind to the 13 reasons (13 persons) why she killed herself. In this series you see that Clay, a boy which she’s in love with, has the tapes. It is super interesting to see but it can also be emotional sometimes.

Jane The Virgin

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I actually watched this series this month and I loved it. I had a little trouble getting through the first 3 episodes but after a while, I couldn’t stop watching the series. It’s about this religious girl, Jane, who waits until marriage before having sex (oehh, I dropped the s-word!!!) But than she go accidentally inseminated, so she gets a baby. It’s just super fun to see how Jane will get through this all. There is actually happening a lot. So if you like some drama, definitely watch this series.

These are all the series I’ve seen already. I thought I’ve seen more, but it were ‘only’ 7! There are actually a couple of other series I want to watch. Once Upon A Time, Designated Survivor, Between and Girlboss are definitely on my ‘wishlist’ to watch.

Do you have any suggestions of series I should watch? You know what kind of series I like now, haha. Have you watched one of the series I mentioned in this blogpost? Let me all know in the comments below!

I hope you have a lovely week you all!

xoxo, Anne ♥


25 thoughts on “What I’ve seen on Netflix ♥ Series

  1. I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why and it was so good, but the last episode was especially emotional.
    I also occasionally watched New Girl when it came on TV.
    I would recommend Stranger Things. I recently finished this series & it was great! I can’t wait for season 2 to be released on Halloween!

      1. I had to look away too & then when her mom came in & kept telling her she’ll be okay…so sad
        Hmm then I don’t think Stranger Things would be for you b/c there are some scary parts w/ the monster

  2. I haven’t seen any of these shows haha! I’m a fan of Stranger Things, Lost, Once Upon A Time, and Merlin. Netflix has a ton of shows though, so I’ll have to branch out and watch some new ones.

      1. You totally should. It’s really short, only 8 episodes, but it’s fantastic. A bit creepy…but in the best way possible. You’ll get to love every character and truly feel bad for them. 💗

  3. I finished watching 13 reasons why over a month ago now, I watched it in like 2 days! I really enjoyed it and thought it was really different. Pretty little liars & gossip girl are two of my all time favourite Netflix series’s!! I absolutely love them, I have been so obsessed with them!! 🙂 great post!


  4. Awesome post! Im always on the look out for things to watch on netflix as I watch it so much I’m constantly running out of things lol! You’ve got some good suggestions here, I’m thinking of watching Gossip Girls & New Girl soon! I’ve never seen pretty little liars but heard so much about it, but after reading what you said I probably won’t waste my time on it now! I’ve made a similar post about my favourite Netflix shows, feel free to check it out here https://thetypicalbeautyblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/the-best-of-netflix-📺/



    1. Hmm, season 1 and 2 on pll where really fun but they didn’t gave all the answers. So if you really want to know everything, you need to watch all the 7 seasons. But every season has like 22 episodes which are all around 40 minutes. So it’s pretty time-consuming. Gossip Girl and New Girl are fun. Especially New Girl is just a fun and ‘light’ series. I will definitely see if you mentioned some nice series for me to watch! Thank you for your lovely comment, xo

      1. You’re very welcome hon! I’m loving the sound of New Girl! & tbh if PLL is just very time consuming & slow then I don’t mind that at all! I love watching netflix with every meal… lol! Never get tired of staring at a computer screen 🙈 xx

  5. Gilmore Girls is seriously one of my favorite feel-good shows. I love just lounging and turning it on and relaxing!! Gossip Girl was totally one of my favorites, I’m so sad I finished it but I’m tempted to watch it again! If you like Gossip Girl, I’d also suggest watching 90210 too!! Not as good as GG but still good to watch. Pretty Little Liars is an on-going process for me. I always turn it on and get so confused because figuring out who A is, is so misleading haha I love the adventure and suspense in it though!

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh, thank you for the tip. I hope it’s on netflix here so I can watch it. We don’t have a lot of American series on TV here. I started watching Gilmore Girls because you mentioned that show in one of your blogposts! xo

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