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MAY in instagrams ♥

May Instagram 07

Hi everyone, can you believe it? It’s already the last day of May! This month went by so fast!! I want to share all my instagram-posts of the month May today, eventhough it wasn’t a really good instagram-month for me. Anyways, I hope you like it!!

When I look back on May, it seems like I’ve only been sitting behind my desk being busy with my study. I wasn’t really motivated for my blog and instagram and I had not super much inspiration. So this month I put my study first! I have my exams coming up next week and I have to study a lot. But after that I have vacation which means I will be doing more for my blog & instagram!

Okay, I’m talking already too much. Let’s start with the actual blogpost!!

May Instagram 01.png

May 2nd – A picture of my school building – 84 likes

May Instagram 02.png

May 4th – Sharing my April Empties – 141 likes

May Instagram 03.png

May 10th – Lipbalms, blogpost: 5 Make-upproducts I can’t live without! ♥ – 86 likes

May Instagram 04.png

May 11th – O’G3NE participated at the Eurovision Songcontest for my country (NL), they got the 11th place in the rankings! – 81 likes

May Instagram 05.png

May 15th – 2 NYX make-upproducts I use everyday, I love them!! – 85 likes

May Instagram 06.png

May 16th – I love to wear these necklaces in the spring & summer time! They are all from Primark!! – 99 likes

May Instagram 07.png

May 17th – Ohh, my favorite picture of this month. I’m so in love with this palette! – 109 likes

May Instagram 08.png

May 19th – I use this palette for my eyebrows everyday and my pans are so big already! It’s the ABSOLUTE MATTE palette by Catrice, it’s unfortunately not available anymore #boo – 87 likes

May Instagram 09.png

May 23rd – I am in love with this fluffy brush I bought on AliExpress! It looks super pretty and it’s such an essential in my make-up routine!! – 103 likes

May Instagram 10.png

May 24th – I posted this photo after the bombing in Manchester. I think what happened is terrible and I really really hope something like that will NEVER happen again! 😢  – 60 likes

May Instagram 11.png

May 27th – I love to post some nature-pictures every now and then. I took this one in a place called Nijmegen, it was really hot that day! – 59 likes

May Instagram 12.png

May 29th – Whoops, a picture of me! I don’t post pictures of myself often on my instagram haha. I made a tutorial on this make-up look, check it out! – 104 likes

May Instagram 13

May 31st – This is one of my favorite drugstore eyeshadowpalettes. It’s called Spring Break by MUAcosmetics – 71 likes (and still counting?)

That where all the pictures I posted on instagram this month. I hope you liked seeing it. Oh, and make sure to follow me on instagram as well, you can do that by clicking on this link: @beautybyadutchgirl

Oh and if you want me to do a blogpost like this every month, just let me know in the comments! I’d also love to know any tips to improve my pictures!

Much love, Anne


12 thoughts on “MAY in instagrams ♥

  1. What is that pretty pink lace background in the 2 nyx makeup products? I love it! Cute way of making two ordinary make up products pop out! I also love your selfie and the photo of the necklaces! Heck I love all of them!!! <3

    xo, JJ

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