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The final countdown ♥ #lifeupdate



Hey you and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to give you a little update on my personal life. As you can see in the title, it’s the final countdown. That relates to my study and I will tell you why in this blogpost! For those of you who don’t know this, I’m studying business economics. I’m in my first year and I might say it has been a really hard BUT fun year for me!

This year went by super fast! I remember standing at the train station near my hometown. I was just so nervous to go on this new adventure: studying. I went to a whole new city. I’d been only a couple of times in Zwolle but I really liked it. I actually didn’t know what to expect. But I kept in mind ‘Everyone in my new class will be nervous, they will feel the same like me’. That comforted me a bit.

And now, at the end of the schoolyear, I think about that moment. I think it’s great that I was/am brave enough to start all over again. I went without knowing anyone. Almost one year later, I made a lot of contacts. I’ve learned so much the last year. The most important thing might be that I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to be nervous or feel limited because of others opinions. If I want to do something, I just have to do it!

Okay, that was actually not what I wanted to tell you in this blogpost, lol. I just started writing and 5 minutes later I wrote a whole story.

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So what I planned telling you that Tuesday starts my final exam week. The exams I have are hard and it’s even harder to study for them because of the nice weather. I need to focus on my study the upcoming 2 weeks which means that I will not be blogging much.

You could have noticed that I already slowed down blogging the last couple of weeks. That had all to do with my study. I just have been so busy the last weeks with my study and I couldn’t do anymore blogging! I hope you guys won’t mind.

There is a good thing about it! After this examweek my summerholiday will start! YAY! Can’t wait. When I have this holiday, you can expect a lot more blogpost from me. I’m thinking of even doing 3 blogposts every week! So I hope that is a good thing to look forward to.

And now I’m going back to my study. See you guys soon!

Much love, Anne♥


36 thoughts on “The final countdown ♥ #lifeupdate

  1. Good luck with your final exams, you’ve come so far already and this is the last little journey before SUMMER!!! Yay, you’re going to do amazing! So looking forward to your up and coming blog posts once you have more time on your hands X

  2. Loving this post so much. As a second-year university student with nine midterms this semester (I know…), it helps to see others in the same boat, and looking for tips to help fellow students. This is a great post and I wish I could ‘Love’ it! Your blog is wonderful. Gorgeous notes you have there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Ahhh, so I thinkkk (since I’m super late to commenting on this) that you’re all done with school now?!? Is it officially summer vacation?!!? HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I hope the exams went well…but enough of school…. Any fun summer plans yet?

    xo, JJ

    1. Yes, I’m already done with school. I’m having my summer vacation now (!!), but I have to do-over 2 exams in 1 week. I didn’t pass them, unfortunately! I do have some fun things planned. Going to Amsterdam next Tuesday and I’m going to Italy in August. I also want to visit some other places and do some fun stuff with friends!! Thank you for all the comments by the way, they’re always so much fun! When I saw your snapchat, I thought you’d only like my blogpost but you’re actually commenting on all of them! xo

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