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My Victoria’s Secret collection ♥

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Hi friends and welcome to my blog! For about two years ago I was really into the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist’s. Everytime I saw them, I wanted to buy one. So, I’ve got a little collection of them. I’ve used them a lot now so there are a couple almost empty!

Today, I went outside in my garden to make pictures of the products. I’d love to know if you love this new setting and if you think I should do this more often! I hope you also enjoy reading this blogpost! Make sure to comment below any tips or suggestions for my (upcoming) blogposts!

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Before I start, I want to tell you a little bit about these Frangrance Mist’s. You can use them on your whole body or as a perfume. They have a really concentrated fragrance but they smell really nice if you don’t spray to much on your body! The smell also lasts very long on your body (on my opinion)

So, I’ll mention now the fragrance mists in the picture below (left to right):

  • Love Spell Bloom (gardenia petals & berry blossom) -> This one has a super intense frangrance. It smells super sweet and it makes me think of the scent of pink flowers!
  • Strawberries & Champagne -> This is not my favorite fragrance. It smell super chemical in my opinion but it does smell a little sweet. Oh and you smell the champagne more than the strawberries!
  • Pure Seduction (red plum & freesia) -> This was probably the first one I bought. IT has a deeper fragrance in my opinion but it is actually a kind of sweet too. This smell might not be for everyone but I love it!

Victoria's secret 03

  • Passion Struck (fuji apple & vanilla orchid) -> This one smells a bit chemical at the beginning but after 5/10 minutes it starts to smell really good. It is super flowery, a bit sweet but not super sweet. It is a super fresh scent.
  • Pure Seduction bloom (violet blossom & red currant) -> I love this one, it smell like a super fresh perfume, I think. I can’t really describe it but if you love fresh scents for the summer, this one’s for you!
  • Endless love (apple blossom & ylang ylang) -> This is actually a super weir and kind of unexpected scent. I really loved it when I just bought it but two years later I’m not super into it anymore. I can’t really describe it well but if I have too, I’d describe it as a bit spicy I think. It’s not a regular flowery and fresh scent like the others. You really have to like smells like these, they’re not for everyone!

Victoria's secret 04

I also have ONE bodylotion, I thought that I could mention this too in this blogpost, since that’s the only other thing I have from Victoria’s Secret!

  • Love Spell (cherry blossom & peach) -> This smells more like cherries than peach. It’s a deeper scent and I think not everyone would love this too. I actually really like it!

That is my total Victoria’s Secret collection. I need to admit, the packaging of all VS products are STUNNING! Really, they totally make me happy. Do you own any Victoria’s Secret products?

xoxo, Anne ♥


37 thoughts on “My Victoria’s Secret collection ♥

  1. Anne, I love the setting from your garden. It is so original and really looks beautiful. Sadly I do not own any VS products, but now after your post, definitely will be looking into changing this. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 x

  2. Love your collection!! I still have a few Victoria Secret perfumes but hardly use them. 😅 I do still love them though. My favorite is Bombshell in Bloom since my mom bought me that one for my birthday once. 🙂

  3. Nice post. Love the pictures. I actually have a post of my favorites too from VS. They’re not their mist colletion, but their EDP’s. I prefer it because they’re oil based which is more of a preference, but I actually do love pure seduction. I think it was one of the very FIRST things I bought from VS. Another scent that’s discontinued that I love love loved was their Dream Angels collection. It smelt so refreshing and beautiful(only way I can describe it. lol), but it was light. If they ever bring it back I must stock up.

  4. My mistake, VS EDP is not oil based they are alcohol based. I was thinking of another fragrance I guess, oil based perfumes are better in my opinion though. However their EDP’s don’t leave that heavy alcohol smell. Alcohol dries out your skin a lot too, so its best not to use too much. Mists I would use maybe going to the beach or somewhere well ventilated as they give a stronger scent for a short amount of time. As where the EDP’s they linger a lot longer maybe a good 3-6 hours depending on your natural body oils. Also, cool thing about VS EDP’s they have 3 notes. They have their notes on the back of their packaging box. So bombshell’s 3 notes is Purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. Next time you use your moms EDP trying smelling it 5 minutes, 30-1 hour and 1 1/2-3 hours of wear. You’ll actually smell some difference and it changes on different people because like I said our oils and bodies are different. Kind of cool thing I learned from working there. Lol.

    1. Ah, okay, thank you for the explanation! I understand that alcohol dries out the skin, thank you for helping me to remind that! I will definitely check the EDP’s out the next time I’m at a VS store! Wish you a lovely day! xo

  5. Ah your collection is to die for, Victorias Secret fragrances are my favourites. Like you say the packaging is just stunning. My favourite scent is definitely the Love Spell, omg it smells so delicious. I also love Passion Struck but as for the others I’ve never tried them. I agree with you that the scents all have such great longevity. Such a beaut post, you’ve made me so excited to go to Victorias Secret soon! x

  6. Love the photoshoot in the garden! Perfect for the VS fragrance mists. Your post reminds me of my friend – she used to collect all of the VS scents. Her room was like a shrine to VS – so girly and sweet. I’m not sure if she ever managed to finish them all. Me, I never got into them but recently I smelled a limited edition one at the airport and I quite liked it but resisted the temptation to buy one since I have too many perfumes to use up right now!

  7. Ah I didnt even know you guys have Victoria Secret out there!!! YAS!! I love their fragrances so much; I’m very much so a sweet fruity kind of girl and I feel like they all generally fall into that category of scents. Love Spell is forever a favorite but my real go-to one is “Tease”. You always have such an amazing and big collection of all beauty related things I’m so jelly!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Yess, but only for the fragrances and bags. No clothes (booh), I see all those clothes they sell in the US and the only way to get them is to order them online (but than I have to pay extra to let them come all the way to NL). I’ve the same ‘taste’ in fragrances as you have, I love sweet/fruity smells more than deep ones! Haha, I just love to collect beauty things and it is kind of an obsession. Sometimes I think of how rich I could be if I hadn’t bought all those products!! xo

  8. Thank you so much Anne. This is super fun (especially love the garden setting).
    I’d love to see a post on organic makeup, or something like that? Or even maybe one about your garden!

    Anne, I also wanted to invite you to a complimentary forgiveness coaching session. At the session, you’d have an opportunity to explore an area of your life where you’d like to forgive – and practice acceptance & forgiveness right there & then.

    Is this something you’d like to do Anne? The session is 60-90 minutes & we can do either Zoom or Skype online.

    Anne, it’s entirely fine with me if you say no. And doing a session doesn’t mean we’ll work together (unless you want to) – this is a GIFT to you because, well because I think you’re amazing & this time together could serve you.

    Lots of blessings, Anne! Have a wonderful rest of your day, <3

    1. Debbie, thank you so much for the idea! We’ve had a fire in our garden in March and we are currently changing up our whole garden! Maybe it’s a great idea to show the result. Thank you for giving me the tip! I’m actually not super good with organic makeup, I don’t own any but I’ll definitely see if I have any possibility’s doing a blogpost on it!

      I’d also love to get to know a bit more about those session. Do you have an e-mail where I can contact you about it? It seems really interesting. Thank you for letting me know this! Wish you also a lovely day! ♥

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