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Empties ♥ May & June

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Hey everyone I’m back again and today I’ll be showing the products I used up in May and a part of June. 

I had a lot of empty products this month I use in the shower, weird haha! I also have a few make-upproducts I want to show you and some skincare. So let’s dive into it!Empties Mei 02

  • Daily Care Cotton Pads -> These where actually terrible. They were super thin and they fell out of my hand really quickly. I would not recommend these!
  • Nivea Facial Cleansingwater -> I don’t love this as much as their micellair water, but it is an okay make-upcleanser. I’d recommend this for people with a very dry skin, because it leaves a little oil after using it.
  • DEMAKUP Cleansingwhipes -> I love these. They cleanse the skin so good! They are also great for removing the make-up. I will definitely repurchase these again!

Empties Mei 03

  • L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation -> Sorry for the dirty packaging, haha, I was to lazy to clean it. This is my favorite foundation of the moment. I already have 2 backups! I’d recommend this to people with a normal to dry skin!
  • Etos make-up fixing spray -> Just a regular fixing spray. If you live in The Netherlands (or Belgium) and you’re looking for a low budget fixing spray, get this one!

Empties Mei 04

  • iWear Multibalance all-in-3 lenses fluid -> Lol, I just wanted to share this one. It’s a fluid for my contact lenses!
  • Playboy Play it lovely Fragrance Collection -> Love the smell of this deodorant. It’s super sweet and it stays long enough to remove sweaty-smells!
  • Syoss Anti-Grease Dryshampoo -> Not a fan of this one. It doesn’t really the work a dryshampoo should do for me. My hair gets really really oily sometimes so I need a strong dryshampoo. This one is not strong enough for my hair!

Empties Mei 05

  • Rituals Foaming Showergel Zensation -> I really like foaming showergels, they are just so much fun! This smell is amazing by the way. It’s Orginac Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom
  • Garnier Loving Blends Conditioner with Gentle Oats -> Not a big fan of this one too, haha. I think it’s not caring enough for the tips of my hair. I really need a strong oil for that so this isn’t the one for me!
  • Garnier Loving Blends Shampoo with Honey -> I really like this shampoo. It’s super caring and it makes my hair feel really soft!

Those are all the empties of these months. I actually feel like I was quite negative about a couple of products. I hope you don’t mind, haha. I always try to use up all my products, eventhough I don’t like them that much. How about you? Do you throw away ‘bad’-products quickly? Oh, and I’d also like to know if you’ve tried any of these products out!

Much love, Anne ♥


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9 thoughts on “Empties ♥ May & June

  1. I usually try to give away bad products to my mom or sister but if no one wants it and it’s really bad I just throw it away! I haven’t tried any of the items you featured actually.

  2. Oh man I don’t even think I know what a fixing spray is!? Is it like similar to a setting spray? The rice milk and cherry blossom shower gel sounds so good, I love anything cherry blossom scented, its so lovely! It’s really cool to see how you have Garnier products too, but ours just looks completely different than that. But either way I love Garnier shampoo and conditioner!

    xo, JJ

    1. Yes, it is a setting spray but it is ‘cool’ to call them fixing sprays in NL. People/brands always want to sound cool here when talking in English so they use words even the English people don’t use! (ugh) I love the Garnier hair-products. They’re from the ‘loving blends’-collection maybe that’s why they look different? They also sell the ‘normal’ garnier stuff overhere but I prefer the special (and more expensive) once, hihi! xo

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