5 make-upproducts I regret buying ♥

Regret 01

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll be talking about something really annoying. I’ll be talking about the (make-up) products I regret buying.  We’ve all been there, right? It’s one of the most annoying things to happen!

I don’t buy make-up I don’t like so it’s super annoying if a product isn’t how I thought it would be. I’m sharing 5 make-upproducts with you today, I regret buying! I’d like to know if you’ve ever tried one of these products and what you think of it!

Regret 02

Catrice Defining Blush in Love & Peach

Okay, this is totally not my color! Peach colors just doesn’t suit me. I love these defining blushes by catrice because they are super pigmented, by when I put this color on my face I look like a clown..

Regret 03

NYX Lingerie in Baby Doll

OMG, yes a NYX Lingerie. I love the formula of this product but the color totally doesn’t suit me! When I put it on, I look super sick and it just looks weird. This color is too pale (!!) for me. I’m super pale myself but this color is even paler than my skintone, which is actually kinda funny. I hope I can purchase a better color soon, because I really love the concept of these liquid lipsticks!

Regret 04

Wet n Wild  Sweet As Candy  Eyeshadow Trio

I bought this little trio because I wanted to use this for holidays or just take it with me in my bag. It has all the colors I (should) like. A highlighting color, a brown color and a pink color with glitters. Unfortunately, the colors didn’t turn out the way I like. The pigmentation isn’t bad, but it’s just not a great palette for me. I also have the colors in a lot of other palettes.

Regret 05

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner in Goldrush

I also bought this ridiculously expensive eyeliner. I had a giftcard from the store they sold this and I really wanted to buy something from Urban Decay. I decided to buy this one, I thought it would be fun to use this for a Christmas look. I really liked it at first, but after using it 2 time, there was no pigmentation anymore. I haven’t used it anymore.

Regret 06

Essence lash & brow gel mascara

I don’t really mind that I bought this product, it wasn’t super expensive, but I wanted to mention this as well. I’m not positive about this product. There comes a lot of product on the brush and you first have to wipe it of before you can put it in your eyebrows. Otherwise there will be a lot of clumps in your eyebrows (and that doesn’t look nice) Luckily, I’ve already bought a new browgel!

Do you regret buying a (make-up) product? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your story! I’m also thinking of making a similar blogpost with clothes, let me know if you’d like that as well.

Good night! xo Anne


40 thoughts on “5 make-upproducts I regret buying ♥

  1. The photos you’ve taken for this post are gorgeous! Couldn’t agree more with the colour of baby doll; i’m quite tanned and it still completely washes me out! x

    1. Sometimes, it is so hard to see in a shop if the color suits you! It can just be so difficult to find the right make-upcolors for you skintone! I think I’ll do one with clothes too, a lot of people liked that idea. Have a nice day! xo

  2. Hey, I really liked your post! So, answering your question, I regret buying Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks. Mine really sucked. Also, a Yves Rocher BB Cream, that I never actually wear, and it was suposed to give a matte finish, but really made me look oily! 😛

    1. Thank you. Wow, I only heard good things about the colourpop liquid lipsticks. I haven’t tried them myself, but it’s sad they didn’t work for you! Oh and I hate it when foundations/bb creams claim to be matte but are actually oily. Thank you for sharing yours, and have a nice day! xo

  3. For a moment I thought you were going to say that you didn’t like the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks! I was happy to hear you liked the formula and the product itself but not the color! I love love love them, I only own one of them, but am hoping to add more into my collection 🙂 xxx

    Melina |

  4. I never quite hated buying any makeup product, but I have a love-hate relationship with the Urban Decay highlighter in the shade Fireball. It’s better used as a blush topper in my opinion.

  5. The NYX Lingerie Liquid lipstick that I bought (I’m forgetting the shade sorry) also looks a little weird on me. It looks like I’m not wearing anything on my lips when I put it on and I don’t like that 😂

  6. Omg when I saw Nyx I was oooh no why. Then I read the color haha. Love your selection. I often buy wrong colors that doesn’t match me well too. But I love your post. It seems to me shocking but good☺️😀

  7. This post was so interesting, I think I regret buying a couple of matte lipsticks I did a couple of weeks ago, the colors are nice and all, but I’m super picky about smells, and they didn’t have a try on at the store so I didn’t realize they had smells I really hate and I don’t think I’m going to be using them a lot because of this.

      1. Yeah, as long as they don’t smell that’s cool, but why do they feel the need to add scents like vanilla or fruits that do not smell like the real thing at all haha they made me sick to my stomach 🙁

  8. Oh my gosh lol I was almost soooo devastated when I saw NYX Lip Lingerie on your list but felt a moment of relief when you said it was just the color! PHEW! I hate when that happens though, the same thing happened to me with ColourPop, I bought one, loved the formula but the color was terrrible!!! I’m in need of a new lip lingerie though the color I have no washes my lips away because it’s so light compared to my skin tone….but for those I just open them at the store and swatch them before I buy it lol

    xo, JJ

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