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Another day in Amsterdam ♥

Amsterdam Juni 06

Heyhey, here I am again. I went with my mom to Amsterdam this Tuesday and I’ll be telling you all about it today!! 

Before I start, this is probably going to be a long blogpost, but don’t get scared, there are lots of pictures included!!!!

It was so hot this Tuesday, it was 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) but we went anyways.  We went by car which is about 2 hours driving. We first went to a fabric store, because my mum liked that. I didn’t make any pictures of that. After that we went to the


Amsterdam Juni 01Amsterdam Juni 02

The Albert Cuijp Market is actually a really famous market in Amsterdam. You can get there really fun stuff for a cheap price. The clothes are also cute and unique, and not very pricey. I have to say, it was the hottest at this market. The shops didn’t have airco so I didn’t want to go in all the shops. You could also buy some typical Dutch food at this market, like stroopwafels. At the time we ended the market we went to Bagels and Beans.

Amsterdam Juni 03

Amsterdam Juni 04

Ohh yes, I love bagels and beans. You can get the best bagels over there and I also had a strawberry and banana smoothie. By the way, how fun is that last picture? I definitely needed to take a picture of that quote!

After we ate some lunch, we took a little walk to the centre of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Juni 05

Amsterdam Juni 06

And we couldn’t resist going to Starbucks on our way..

Amsterdam Juni 07

Amsterdam Juni 08

Anne is a typical Dutch name and they couldn’t even spell that right! I had a caramel frappuccino and my mum had a shaken iced tea with mango, black tea and lemonade!

We visited the Leidsestraat and than walked in the Kalverstraat. I love the Kalverstraat, they have lots of stores I like. One of my favorite shop is Stradivarius. I fitted a lot of clothes at that store!

Amsterdam Juni 09

Amsterdam Juni 10

Amsterdam Juni 11

Amsterdam Juni 12

Amsterdam Juni 13

Yes, I fitted a lot! And I didn’t even showed you everything! This is actually not a haul, because I didn’t buy all the clothes you see here. There will be a haul-blogpost coming up at the end of the week!

After walking all the way through the Kalverstraat, we reached the


Amsterdam Juni 14

That white thing in the middle of the picture (looks like a men’s banana) is our National Monument. It reminds us of the 2nd World War.

Amsterdam Juni 15

Amsterdam Juni 16

De Bijenkorf is a pretty famous warehouse here, it sells more expensive brands in make-up, fashion and jewelry. A couple of brands they sell are Dior, MAC, Saint Laurent, Gucci and Ted Baker.

Amsterdam Juni 17

Amsterdam Juni 18

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Juni 19

You can see here a beer bike, okay this one is fun. This is a bike where about 10/15 people can sit and bike and drink beer. It’s used a lot at bachelor party’s!

Amsterdam Juni 20

Amsterdam Juni 21

Snack time!!!

After enjoying a little time at the Dam Square, we went to Primark. That’s located at the Nieuwendijk, also a great shopping street. And I fitted a lot of clothes once again!

Amsterdam Juni 24

Amsterdam Juni 25

Amsterdam Juni 26

Amsterdam Juni 27

I really like the Primark at Amsterdam. I feel like their clothes are different than the Primark near me. Of course I picked up some pieces which I’ll show you in my upcoming haul!

We also went to C&A where I saw this dress that looked really cute in the store but awful on me!

Amsterdam Juni 22

Amsterdam Juni 23

To end up this fun day we ate sushi at Sumo and OMG it was delicious. My favorite one was with avocado and sweet potato. It may be a weird combination but it was delicious!!

Amsterdam Juni 28

Amsterdam Juni 29

Going back home at 9.30 pm. You see a picture of the highway around Amsterdam. We had to follow Hengelo which was almost 150 km away. (and after Hengelo it is only 20 minutes driving to get home)

As I mentioned a couple of times now, there will be going a haul up on my blog soon. I hope on Saturday but I’m not sure if I’ll make that!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam and what were your favorite spots and shops? Let me know in the comments down below.

xoxo Anne ♥

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22 thoughts on “Another day in Amsterdam ♥

  1. Hey Anne, I have never been to Amsterdam 🙁 I love reading these posts of yours as it makes me feel as though I am there and enjoying the fun day too. Thanks for the lovely share. So glad you and your mom had a wonderful time. x

  2. Aw what a lovely little trip with your mom to Amsterdam! I feel like I got a mini tour and got to go shopping with you 😉 BTW I can’t wait to see the things you got because I loved everything you tried on!!! Super cute! I love starbucks attempt to write your name lol they barely ever get mine right either. I feel like it must be in their job description to spell names wrong purposefully 😉 Avocado and sweet potato sushi sounds so delightful, I’ve never had them together (I dont think they even have that as an option here or not that I’ve seen) they usually come like either just an avocado roll and just a sweet potato roll but since I love both I’m sure they’re even better together!!! Such a fun day!!! I hope all is well!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Jenny! I haven’t even shown all I fitted, but a haul will be online tomorrow or Sunday! I really don’t understand why they spelled my name wrong!!! It’s really the most common name here in NL. Even boys are called Anne here! Haha, and I think your name isn’t even that difficult too! But yes, they probably have to do it from the company. If you ever see a avocado and sweet potato roll, you should take it girl! It’s DELICIOUS!! xo

  3. Oh you are just so lucky to live so near Amsterdam, although saying that the flight to Dam from the UK is actually less than two hours, so I guess I don’t live too far after all, it’s just so much hassle getting there. I love your pictures and the clothes you bought look so nice. Glad you had a great day. Also when I went to Amsterdam Dam Square had a fun fair there, it looks so different without it!

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