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Amsterdam Haul ♥

Amsterdam Haul 03Amsterdam Haul 11

Hey everyone, welcome back at my blog!!! This Thursday, I’ve told you all about my little trip to Amsterdam. Today, I’ll be sharing what all I’ve bought there!! So, if you’re curious about that, keep on reading!!

If you want to see the blogpost about my Amsterdam trip, you can click here.

What you need to know first: (1) I’m not wearing any shoes or socks so don’t bother that haha (2) I know that I bought a lot!! and (3) I tried to make good pictures but they might be a little blurry, sorry for that!

I was really looking for some cute summer dresses and some tops. I think I’ve found a great selection of clothes, so let’s start!!

Amsterdam Haul 08.pngAmsterdam Haul 07

  1. Primark – €17 A light pink dress with a little brown belt.

Amsterdam Haul 04Amsterdam Haul 03

2. Primark – €17 The same dress in light green, there is also a belt with this one but I couldn’t find it! 

Amsterdam Haul 05Amsterdam Haul 06

3. Primark – €13 This is a blouse dress, with super pretty flowery details. It actually looks much better in real!! 

Amsterdam Haul 01Amsterdam Haul 02

4. Primark – €2,50 I also bought two of this simple black shirt! I want to use this for DIY’s! 

Amsterdam Haul 09Amsterdam Haul 10

5. Sample Fashion – €19,95 This is the only thing I bought at the Albert Cuijp Market. I really love this blue color and the flamingo’s are too cute!!

Amsterdam Haul 11Amsterdam Haul 12

6. Stradivarius – €19,95 Can we please take a little moment for this top. This is everything I wanted. I really love that lace up detail in the front and the butterfly sleeves. I’m wearing this shirt today too and it’s just too pretty!!!

Amsterdam Haul 13Amsterdam Haul 14

7. Stradivarius – €17,95 This top is even better in my opinion. I found out that fuchsia pink is a great color for me. Oh and what do you think about the combination with the pants? I bought the pants last week in Germany and I thought this was a great combi!

Amsterdam Haul 15Amsterdam Haul 16

8. Stradivarius – €9,95 These tops were just too cheap. This is a light pink one and it has no sleeves. It’s perfect for the summer and I also like this combination with the pants!

Amsterdam Haul 17Amsterdam Haul 18

9. Stradivarius – €9,95 I also bought the same top in black. You can see the white details over here. The pink top has these details in fuchsia!

Amsterdam Haul 19

Last but not least I bought some skincare. I went to Yves Rocher and the NYX store.

Yves Rocher: Peeling & Mask especially for pores, pimples and oily skin. (I’ll probably make a review on these products if you want, let me know!)

NYX: Matte Finish Spray, I had the dewy one but I wasn’t satisfied with the result so I wanted to try this one out!

As you can see, it was a very succesful trip and I think I bought a lot of cute new clothes for the summer. What was your favorite item? I think mine was the fuchsia top with the lace up detail and butterfly sleeves. Oh and the blue blouse dress!

I will see you soon again!

xoxo, Anne

20 thoughts on “Amsterdam Haul ♥

  1. I can’t choose a favorite. I love it all !!! I think you have shopped so wisely for summer as well, makes me want to go out and shop too. (can’t wait for summer here -) ) Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 x

  2. How cute are these outfits!
    I especially like the light pink / green dresses – so effortless and inexpensive! I can understand why bought it in 2 colours. 😀
    Enjoy all your goodies!
    Definitely interested in hearing more about the Yves Rocher masks!

    1. Yes, I love the dresses too. They are just so easy for the summer time! There were so much more colors but I thought, I’ll first try these 2 and I can always buy more! I will definitely be doing a review about the Yves Rocher stuff. xo

  3. I love all the dresses you bought!!! The style of the blush pink one is so pretty! Did the belt come with it? I also feel like I need to go to Primark now to get that same blouse embroidery dress, that needs to be in my closet too lol The lace up tops are a fave of mine, I do the same thing as you, when I love a top I’ll buy the same one in a couple colors lol And the pants are so good too… I could use a pair like that for work!! Such a lovely haul <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Yes, the belt came with it!! I think the belt makes the dress so much nicer!! I think that the blouse dress will be perfect for you. After seeing all those outfit picture and after I got to know your style, I think the dress is perfect for you and will suit you very well. Haha, I always do that. If I like something, I buy it in more colors! xo

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