DIY ♥ Summer Paintings

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Hey you, welcome back to my blog! Glad to have you here today, because you’re going to witness something exceptional!

Okay, I’m not a creative person. Yes, I can be creative with make-up but I’m totally not creative with other things! So, yesterday, I decided to be creative! I’ve been painting two paintings with a summer theme! I’ll tell you how I did it in this blogpost. I hope you like it!

DIY Summer 01

What do you need?

  • Something you can paint on
  • Brushes in different shapes (I used one big brush and a couple of smaller ones)
  • Paint (of course)
  • Something to mix the paint on
  • Water (to wash the brushes during the painting)
  • I also used some papers to cover up the table!

Before I made these pictures, I already drew on the letters on the painting canvas. (you can probably see it on the picture above)

So, after that I mixed the paint in the colors I wanted and I started brushing it on the canvas.

DIY Summer 02

It started to look a bit like that. I made it messy (because I couldn’t make it clean, haha) and I made sure that it has a beautiful ombre-effect!

I also added a couple of paint splatters on both. You will see that in one of the following pictures. I let it dry overnight and the next morning I started painting the words!

DIY Summer 03DIY Summer 04

Which looked a bit like this!! This was actually kind of hard. I had to draw straight lines and that took me a lot of time!

After drawing thin lines, I made them a bit thicker. You always need to start thin, so you can always make it thicker! (same with eyeliner lol, I think you all will get it!)

DIY Summer 06

You can also see the paint splatters I made on this picture! I really liked these quotes for summer, don’t you? It was actually quite fun to made this paintings. I finally got to do somethings creative, beside doing make-up! I let this dry for a couple of hours before I put them somewhere else!

DIY Summer 05

Yey, done!! I hope you liked my first DIY here! What do you think of the end result? Hope you all have a wonderful week!

xoxo, Anne ♥


51 thoughts on “DIY ♥ Summer Paintings

  1. I’m surprised you think that you aren’t a creative person, because these paintings are really good. I love the background colors you did on both of these paintings, and I’d have to say taht the Summer Lovin’ painting is my favorite of the two!

  2. Anne those came out awesome!!! I love what you chose to write on them both, and the color tones you chose are perfect!! I always say how I need more decor and wall art but whenever I go out and shop for some, its either A. Too expensive or B. I don’t like the quote but duhhh I should just make them myself!!!! Awesome summer project and suggestion!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I really like them as well, because I could choose my own themes! I always feel the same with you, I normally don’t like the quotes on it! Making these paintings by yourself is super easy and really fun for when you’re bored or something! xo

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