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Review ♥ Yves Rocher Mask & Peeling

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Hey friends, welcome back to my blog! I know, it has been too long that I’ve posted a blogpost but I was just so busy with work. I’m working 4 days a week now and it’s actually harder than I thought it would be. But I’m finally back with an exiting blogpost so let’s dive right into it!

Today I’m reviewing 2 skincare products by Yves Rocher which I bought in Amsterdam a while ago. I’m talking about the Purity Peeling and the Purity Mask. These products are for a normal to oily skin.

My skin is dry, except for my T-zone and especially my nose. They are very oily. I also do have a lot of (big) pores in that area. That’s why I went to Yves Rocher to get something that helps against my pores. They recommended me these two products. I’ve been using these products for a while now and I think I have a clear opinion about them which I’m going to share with you right now.

Yves Rocher Purity Peeling

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So this is actually a scrub. I use it for my T-Zone. What I do is: I cleanse my face with a make-up cleanser and I make my T-Zone a little bit wet with water. Then I take a little bit of this peeling and I start massaging this area lightly. After 3 minutes or so I was it off with water.

This is how the peeling itself looks like:

Review Yves Rocher 04Review Yves Rocher 05

My opinion: This is a really great scrub if you do have oily skin or if you have any problem areas on your face. It works great for me even though I found out that you don’t need to push really hard when you massage your face with it. Otherwise it can irritate your skin a bit. Would I repurchase it? YES

Yves Rocher Purity Mask

Review Yves Rocher 06.pngReview Yves Rocher 07

This mask is amazing. It is made with clay and it is also for oily skin. The lady in the store said that it was really helpful for people with big pores as well. So, I use it after the peeling and I apply a thin layer of this mask. The best thing is that it only needs to be on your face for 5 minutes! After 5 minutes you wash it of with water and you’re already done! Oh, and I also use this mask only on my T-Zone.

This is how the mask looks like:

Review Yves Rocher 08Review Yves Rocher 09

Directly after applying – After 5 minutes

I have to admit, I put the layer a bit to thick so it didn’t really dry in the right picture.

My opinion: I definitely see a difference with my pores after using both products for more than 3 weeks now. I see that the pores are a bit smaller and that my nose is a little less oily. Would I repurchase this? YES

So as you can tell, I’m really into both products. They really made my face look better and they minimized my pores a bit! I would definitely repurchase these products and I also recommend it if you do have oily skin or large pores!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

Much love, xo Anne


24 thoughts on “Review ♥ Yves Rocher Mask & Peeling

  1. So glad both products worked well for you! I’m definitely going to look into that purity mask – looks like something my skin would enjoy. Yves Rocher is such an underrate brand, in my opinion.

  2. My skin is just like yours, its overall dry with the exception of my T-zone….except in the summer its the oily-ness sometimes gets crazy so I feel like that first scub would be perfect for my skin. I love face products that have little exfoliating beads in them- I’m going to have to look for something alike. Do you use it as your cleanser or before/after cleanser?

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh yes, my skin gets also a lot oilier (is that a word?) in the summer time! I use it after cleansing my makeup. I do it 2 times a week, that’s also recommended by the people in the store. Otherwise my skin would get irritated!

  3. Glad these worked out for you, I have a very oily t-zone so i may want to try the scrub. Are these high ends products, by any chance? Like are they sold at Sephora?

  4. I have never tried Yves Rochers skin care products, but that facial scrub looks amazing!! I need to give it a try after I run out of my current facial scrub! xx

  5. Hello! I am absolutely in love with your blog and it really shows how much hard work you put into your blog! Because of that, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check out my last post for details!

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