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Tips for buying an eyeshadow palette ♥

May Instagram 07

Heyhey guys, welcome back to my blog! Long time no see, I know. I did promise 3 blogposts a week but work is killing me! Well, at least I’m trying to come up with some good blogposts. I do have some inspiration! Today, I’m sharing a couple of tips for when you want to buy an eyeshadowpalette.

So in this blogpost I’ll be using 2 palettes as an example. That would be a bit easier when I’m explaining the tips to you! I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and the Essence All About Sunrise palette. I hope you enjoy this blogpost and that you’ll learn something new!

Color scheme

So, before you’re going to buy an eyeshadowpalette, you need to think about the colors. Do you want bright colors, pink colors, blue colors or just a nude palette? There are so many options, so definitely find out first which colors you want and/or which colors look good on you.

For me, a good palette has at least these colors:

  1. A good inner corner highlighter
  2. A not too dark matte transition color (this is a color you can put in the crease of your eyes to make it a bit darker, so your eyes will look bigger)
  3. A darker color for the outer corner
  4. A pretty color for the eyelid

Let’s take a look at the palettes and see if both palettes do have these colors in it!

Eyeshadowpalette 05

As you can see this palette has all the colors I want. Of course it does have more colors, which is also fun because you can play with them.

Eyeshadowpalette 06

This palette doesn’t have a matte transition color. That’s why I always use this palette with another palette together. It does have an amazing highlighter color and two pretty eyelid colors!


The pigmentation (or the quality) of the eyeshadows are super important. If you buy a palette, you want some color on your eye. If the palette doesn’t have great pigmentation, it is a waste of money!

Eyeshadowpalette 07

I swatched a couple of colors of the ABH palette and as you can see, the most eyeshadows have great pigmentation. Only the color Love Letter isn’t great, but the others are super.

Eyeshadowpalette 08

I swatched all the colors of the Essence palette and I love the pigmentation of all. They do all have a shimmer, but it’s not that you only see a shimmer. You definitely see the colors coming through as well!

Price (brand & quality)

The price is definitely important when buying an eyeshadowpalette. You need to know what you want to spend on an eyeshadow palette. After you thought of a price that you want to pay, you can search at a couple of brands.

If you don’t want to spend much on an eyeshadowpalette, you can go to a drugstore. You can find low budget makeup at the drugstore, and when you do use my tips, you can probably find a beautiful palette there as well.

If you want to spend more on an eyeshadowpalette, you can go to Sephora or another make-upstore (like MAC) or you can even search on the internet (what I don’t recommend). When I buy a more expensive makeup product, I always want to see it in ‘real life’ first, so you can decide if it’s worth the money or not.

Oh, and another thing. If you’re buying expensive make-up, you can expect a good quality and a good color scheme. That’s basically where you’re paying that expensive price for!!

Essence All About Sunrise: €3,59

ABH Modern Renaissance: €54,95

So that means that I can have high expectations for the ABH palette, because I’m paying a really high price for it!!


A pretty packaging is nice and that is definitely important for me as well. But what’s more important is a strong packaging. I want to take my favorite eyeshadow with me on a holiday or even in my bag. And not only that, when I’m using the palette everyday, I don’t want a broken packaging after 3 weeks.

A lot of (cheaper) brands have plastic packaging, which isn’t really strong. Packaging made of cardboard isn’t really strong either. If you’re looking for a palette that you want to take with you on a holiday, you should find a palette with a packaging made of aluminium or something like that.

Eyeshadowpalette 09.png

The packaging of the ABH palette is made of very strong cardboard, which is actually good in my opinion. I will not travel with this palette (because it’s too expensive) but for using it at home, it is a great packaging! (and it looks very nice with the velvet cover)

Eyeshadowpalette 10.png

The packaging of the Essence palette is made of plastic. You can barely see the letters on the front of the packaging, which is too bad in my opinion. I also think that the packaging will break in a short amount of time, so the actual palette and the front (cover) of the palette will be separated.

How do I pick the perfect eyeshadowpalette?

Well, I do use this tips I just gave you. When buying an expensive palette, I always do research. I watch reviews on youtube or other blogs and I look at several websites for the ratings on the palette. When I’m in a store, I swatch a couple of colors and I look at the packaging.


So, I will quickly tell you the tips again, so you can maybe make a screenshot of it and use it when you’re in the store. This is where you have to look at:

  1. Color Scheme
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Price (brand & quality)
  4. Packaging
  5. Research

I know this has been a longer blogpost that I normally do but I hope you learned something. Definitely tell me your tips for buying any makeup. I want to do a similar blogpost with another type of make-up or skincare product. Let me know what you want to read and also let me know any other requests for blogpost!

See ya later, xoxo Anne


28 thoughts on “Tips for buying an eyeshadow palette ♥

  1. Hi! I love your explanation and labeled photos of what kinds of shadows to look for in a palette–crease shade, highlighter, etc. That’s a great resource for beginners!

  2. This was really useful, I am currently searching for new eyeshadow palette and I am having hard time finding the perfect one. I absolutely adore Modern Renaissance, the shades are gorgeous and the packaging is so pretty but it’s maybe little too expensive for me 🙁 Do you have any experience about morphe palettes?

    1. Yes, the ABH palette is lovely BUT super expensive, I know. I don’t have any experience with the morphe palettes, but after seeing a lot of reviews/tutorials with them, my opinion is that the palettes are super big and have a lot of the same colors in it. I do like the pigmentation of the shadows tho. xo

  3. I’m not much of an eye shadow user but I can 1000% agree that packaging is EVERYTHING! It needs to be strong enough to travel around with and even dropped once or twice without breaking. I also hate opening up any “power-ish” based make up whether it be shadow, bronzer, blush, to find it all cracked and falling out of the package. But after watching so many tutorials and reading blogs that talk about eye shadow I think that you are exactly right, preferably you’d want to make sure your palette has 4 specific shades, tones that you can work with on each section of the eye! I think this post is super helpful for those who love make up and/or are inexperienced like myself!

    xo, JJ

    1. I hate it as well when a powder-product is all cracked up in the package, uh, especially when it was expensive! I just need my makeup packages to be strong so I can take it everywhere, haha! Glad you liked this post, I hoped that I could help people with picking out eyeshadow!! xo

  4. This post is really helpful I too get confused most of the time while buying me eyeshadow palletes…hey guys I’m new it would be great if you could just take some time and visit you already..

  5. I think these are great things to consider and I also tend to look for the same things more or less. Packaging isn’t a huge deal to me but having a palette with strong packaging that will prevent it from falling apart too easily is definitely one thing to watch out for.
    Nice post love!

  6. This is such a well thought out and detailed post, I love it. I agree that shades and pigmentation are so important- when the colours don’t pop it’s just not worth it at all. The ABH palette is so pretty- I neeeed. Love this post 🙂

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