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Heyhey everyone, welcome back to my blog! I know, it has been to long again. There has been an issue with our electricity after a thunderstorm last weekend, which also means I don’t have wifi. (and no tv, so these days are very lonely, haha)

So today, I’ll be doing the Travel Tag. I’ve been nominated by Jenny, an amazing blogger from the UK. She did this tag as well and I loved it! So I hope you like my version as well!

1. Where in the world are you from?

I’m from a small town in the Eastern of The Netherlands. And for those of you who don’t know where our huge country is, here is a picture:

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2. Have you been overseas? When/where? 

The only time I literally went overseas is when I went to London. I’ve been to a lot of countries in Europe, but that’s actually not really overseas, is it?

3. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

Well, this is actually a hard one for me. I definitely love summer and the vibe around it. I love the sun (but not too much), the late nights, the summer holiday, the fashion.. But I also love winter a lot; Christmas, cosyness, skiing, hot drinks, warm clothes.. I can’t choose, I love both summer and winter!

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4. Summer or winter fashion? 

Oh, this is also a hard one. I love my T-shirts and dresses and shorts BUT I love my sweaters and jeans as well. Haha, I love both fashion seasons actually!

5. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?

The USA, in general actually. That is such a dream! I’d love to see New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco!!!

6. Name your essential makeup items for the beach.

Lipbalm, sunscreen, a waterproof mascara and some handcream! I need to have those for a succesful beachday!


7. Are you currently saving up for a trip?

Yes, I am! I’m going to Italy soon and I will be shopping there a lot!!

8. Do you like/dislike traveling?

Like, like, like! I’d love to travel and if I had the time, I would be traveling a lot more than I do now! I want to see a lot more of the world, especially of Europe. So, I hope I can do that in the future!

9. Name a place in the world you’d like to shop.

London and New York!!!!!

Top 10 cities 02

10. What is your favorite accent in the world to hear?

Well, this is kind of a Dutch thing, but I love the Flemish language/accent. I don’t really know how to call this, but it’s the language the ‘Dutch’ people are speaking in Belgium. It’s amazing to hear this as a dutch person. Oh, and I love the British accent in general.

11. How many countries have you visited?

11 countries in total, wow!

12. Why do you travel?

Because I’d love to see the world. I love to be at new places, get great experiences and learn from other cultures. There are just so many countries, so many people and so many amazing things to see in the world. It is just wonderful to experience this and to tell this later to my own children and grandchildren. Oh and I travel because I don’t have any worries on vacation! I don’t have to work or go to school so that is definitely a pro for traveling!

This or that Tag 7

13. Favorite city or country?

Uh, I can’t choose. I love Italy, literally. I’ve been there a lot in my summerholidays. I also love Germany a lot! My favorite city might be London actually. I’ve been there for about 3 years ago, and I can’t wait to come back!

14. Most memorable experience

Probably the trip to London with my mom a couple of years ago. I just graduated and I got to go on a citytrip with my mom. I choose London and my mom and I had the best time! One thing about the trip I can remember really clearly, is going to Thriller Live, the musical. I was (and am) such a big Michael Jackson fan, so going to this musical was such an amazing experience!

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15. Best item purchased

When I go on a holiday, I go shopping. I love buying makeup and fashion and other things at other places and in other countries. I don’t have a favorite item actually..

16. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

Just go for it! If you don’t have a lot of money, just save every month or every week some money. You also don’t have to go to a luxury hotel or something, just go for something cheap and you can also have a great time!!

17. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or automobiles?

I love to go on a holiday with the car. Wow, that is just such an experience. Going to the southern or Europe, we always have to go through Germany. And in Germany, you can drive as fast as you want on most highways. I love sitting next to my dad, when he’s driving like crazy. Yes, it’s always a long drive but I just love to sit in the car and watch outside and see amazing (new) things!

Amsterdam Juni 29

18. Top three travel items.

Phone (with a camera), purse and a notebook (+ pen so that makes 4)

19. Hostel or hotel?

Hotel, really. I’ve been to a hostel once in Berlin and it was a DISASTER. I love sleeping in hotels, every hotel is different and it’s just amazing to visit different hotels!!

20. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

Both! I love exploring new destinations but going to a wonderful place again, is also amazing!

Amsterdam Juni 06

21. Can you recite your passport # from memory?

No, hahaha!

22. Do you read up your destination for culture history or safety or do you just wing it?

Normally I just go, without any .. The thing is, the countries in Europe don’t have real big differences in cultures. Yes, the countries are all different but it’s not like a big culture shock when I go to Italy!

Travel Tag 07

23. Where would you recommend a friend to visit?

Italy, and especially the Garda Lake. It’s the most beautiful place ever!

24. You’re leaving tomorrow and money is no option, where are you going?

New York, definitely!

Travel Tag 05.jpg


25. Favorite landmark you’ve visited.

Oh this one is really hard! I loved visiting the concentration camp Oranienburg near Berlin, but the London Eye was definitely an amazing landmark as well!

26. Beach or explore vacation?

Definitely an explore vacation. I’d love to go to the beach for 2/3 days but I can be exploring all the time. I’d love to explore new places, cities, shops etc. That’s what I do all the time!

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Now, it’s the time to nominate people for this tag as well. And actually, I tag everybody who wants to do this tag as well. I know, some of you might not do tags or some of you may have done this tag already. If you haven’t, I definitely invite to do this tag as well. I loved to do this tag and I’d love to read everything about your traveling-life.

Oh, and one thing, definitely make sure to read this other Jenny’s version as well. She travels so much through the USA and I really loved loved her version so check it out!

Much love, Anne ♥ 


17 thoughts on “The Travel Tag ♥

  1. If you go to the US, I highly recommend San Francisco. I love the vibe of that city. 🙂
    Who can recite their passport # by memory – that’s ridiculous! 😛

    I enjoyed reading this tag. 🙂 And enjoy your trip to Italy! 😀

  2. Yay! I’m so happy you did this!!! When are you going to Italy?! Lucky girl!!!! Shopping in Italy *sigh* that would be a dream come true for me!!! Also I didn’t even think to list lip balm for a beach essential, smart and totally necessary! 11 countries though! Cheese and rice girl, that’s amazing, I hope you make it over to the USA in the very very near future to make it 12 and counting! 🙂 And I agree with your thoughts on a hotel, I love visiting different ones- its cool to see the set ups but my personal favorite things in the hotel is seeing what the showers are like haha some of them are super cool!

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh, shopping in Italy is the best! I hope you can do it sometime!!! Oh, yes I hope I can visit a lot more countries in the future! I want to visit all countries in Europe!! Haha, I love bathrooms in hotels as well. They CAN be so pretty! xo

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