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Let’s talk about oils ♥

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today, we’re talking about oils and how they changed my life. So if you are curious how and why, definitely keep on reading!

I’ll be talking about 3 oils today. One for my face, one for my body and one for my hair! A while ago, I wasn’t very into oils. I thought they were to oily (duh) for my skin and that there was always a layer of oil on my skin for a while after using oils. But ever since I’ve used these three oils, I was completely shook with the results it gave me!


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Bio Oil is already a really famous oil I think. Probably some of you are using it as well! I use this oil mostly for my legs. I have a couple of scars on my legs, and to make them disappear a little bit, I started using this oil. My scars have disappeared a little bit, but the best thing about bio oil is, that it helped against my dry skin! So if you do have dry skin or any skin problems (like scars), I definitely recommend Bio Oil!!

L’Oréal Paris Extra Ordinary Oil 

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This is an oil I use for my face. It is actually for a more mature skin, but it works excellent for my face! I use this every night after cleansing my face from the day. I do a couple of drops on my hands and rub it into my face, I avoid my T-Zone because that tends to be oily itself! My face was always super dry but since using this oil, I got rid of it a little bit. It is so much easier to do my make-up now in the morning, because my skin isn’t that dry anymore!!

Kruidvat Moroccan Argan Oil

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This is actually the cheapest hairoil I found in the drugstore and it works so well. I was searching for a great (argan) oil for my hair and I found one! I think all argan oils are fantastic for your hair. Only use it for the tips of your hair and your hair will look so much healthier! I always use this oil after washing my hair. When it’s still a little wet, I put a lot on my hands and I do it in my hair! I have this oil for a long time now and it’s still not empty haha!!

So, these oils have definitely changed my life. I use them all in my everyday skincare and haircare routine! Bio Oil is definitely an oil I really love. My legs look SO MUCH BETTER now, since I’m using this oil.

I hope you liked this blogpost. Let me know what changed up your skincare/haircare routine and what your favorite oils are!

Much love & have a great weekend, Anne


24 thoughts on “Let’s talk about oils ♥

  1. I also use oil for my hair and it’s such a lifesaver because my scalp tends to be really dry and ticklish.. The one that I use is really expensive (can’t remember the name) so I definitely need to give a try for that Kruidvat hairoil! xx

  2. Great post! I use the Superdrug version of bio oil and it’s amazing for my legs! I’m so scared of trying face oils as they might make my already oily face more oily like you said haha! I might give one ago after this! X

  3. Oils are amazing, I’m all for them especially hair oils! I originally thought the same as you thinking they’d make everything greasy but that’s totally not the case. I’ve been using Liz Earle hair oil and it’s incredible, my hairs never felt so soft. I just bought the Moroccan Argan oil the other day too and that’s also brilliant! Love this post also the highlighted bold orange sentences are such a cute touch! X

    1. Using oil in your hair is such a lifesaver! I don’t know the brand Liz Earle, I’ll definitely search it up on google! Moroccan Argan Oil is definitely great!!!! How does it work for you now? Oh and thank you for that sweet little compliment. I highlight the sentences so it will be easier to read!! xoxo

      1. Yes, it makes such a difference. I only realised how amazing they are this year. Liz Earle is an amazing brand for all things skincare/ hair care etc, they do a little bit of makeup as well but mostly skincare! Deffo google it. It works amazing hun, I’ve been using it every time I wash my hair and my hair feels soo soft. You’re welcome, I love it x

  4. Very nice! I only use oil on my hair, I got a few samples in my subscription boxes and I have an argan oil vial that I got at the drugstore for like $2. Anyway, I still haven’t found a face oil that I would like to try, and I certainly didn’t do they had some for body too lol

  5. I just started using an oil-based facial cleanser and omg it is LIFE CHANGING!!!! My skin has been so dry with all the sun its been awful and so I was looking up different cures and everything pointed in the direction to use an oil based cleanser. I was so iffy about it because when I think of “oil” I think greasy or a greasy residue so it took me a while to actually go out and buy one but I am sooo happy I did. I wish I had read this post when you first wrote it (I’m so behind on blogging) because I kept doing research on a good one and I just couldn’t figure out which to get but I ended up with a Burts Bees brand. But I would’ve loved to try this Loreal one I love their products!!

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh yes, ever since I started using oils, I totally changed my opinion! It doesn’t make my skin/face greasy!! I’ve heard incredible things about the burts bees brand! They only sell the lip balms here in NL! If you can, try that Loreal oil. It works definitely amazing for me! Have you ever tried Bio Oil? That is an amazing oil as well! xo

  6. I’m a huge fan of oils! Right now I’m using the Clarins Lotus Oil – it’s my go-to for the summer since it somehow manages to reduce oil production in my t-zone. Go figure! And it smells so nice – like a spa! I’ve not tried Bio Oil but it is always recommended for scar prevention.

  7. Wow, Anne! This is really interesting. Thank you. 🙂 So glad that you found oils that work for you. I put coconut oil on my face, and it seems to work great. I also love Apricot oil as another option.

    It is so lovely to be in touch with you again. Happy to reconnect. Sending you much blessings and love,

    ps – you are still welcome to do a post for Forgiving Fridays if you’re ready to do that. Some of my readers do super creative posts, such as photgraphy that reflects their experience or a short story that touched them. Anyway, blessings Anne! SMILES xoxo

    1. I’ve heard of coconut oil but I haven’t used it yet. I love the smell of coconut so I must try it out soon! Thank you for your suggestion! I really love to do that soon, I can probably make a blogpost for it next friday! Thanks for the invite. Sending you a lot of blessings back, Anne

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